Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is better than Karen and Taylor wanting to dress us all up as grease 2 characters- Of course in this I'm mandated to be Frenchie because of my cotton candy hair color. Speaking of Halloween, I never posted any pictures of my Corrine Burns (look it up and see the fabulous stains movie) costume this past year! Every "bad" picture of Taylor has been cracking me up beyond a level of what's okay lately, but this is just too ridiculously cute not to share with the entire Internet. No matter how much hairspray I added, her hair would NOT tease up to be young Dolly Parton esque like she wanted it to be, at least she had a shiny shirt and the right bra to stuff! Thanks Taylor for loving the two chatterbox cat ladies we are!
Ps- Do you think if you could see both of my eyes we'd be a three for three cross-eye in this pic?

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