Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hardflip69 AngelFire sk8 site summer goals

 I built an angelfire site in the 8th grade (or maybe it was a TriPod site? I guess they both are lycos hosted, which reminds me of some commercial they put out with a retriever playing frisbee to show how fast either their search engine or their ISP was?) in the Y2K and I wish I knew the URL but sadly I do not remember what my teenage brain was thinking when I built a website of scanned in images I took of my friends at my birthday party or whatever, so every time I randomly come across one on a google image search, I get REALLY excited and poke around for a bit, like some sort of internet archeologist.

Last night I was watching American Pickers (which was actually not that interesting to me because it was kind of like hanging out with Anchovy only less charismatic and I actually sent him a text saying it was more like "Antiques Roadshow: Hoarders Edition" because they go to overstuffed basements, barns, etc to do their picking) and they found an old Santa Cruz board untouched and then a little pop up video style thing popped up that was like "the first skateboards were 2x4 wooden planks with roller skate wheels attached" so I tried to google that to see if there were any images of it and I found this skater kid's website where I poked around for a bit and decided I'm going to learn how to do all the sk8 trix he describes (in the "trick tips" section) or, more realistically, at least how to identify them in pictures. Maybe. 

Here are some of the pics I thought were cool from the site though. Incidentally, a lot of the cool sounding ones have broken links. Also, the webmaster has like 20 links of pictures of tricks he can supposedly do, and then like 5 for all of his friends, but like I said, all the hard sounding ones like "taildrop off big gap" or "ollie to drop" or "50 50 7 stack ledge" are all broken links.  Coincidence or wishful thinking for when they finally land it right and catch it on camera? YOU decide.

I also checked out the beginner tips section, pictures they posted of pros at the time (so if you were skateboarding in 1998 this might be of interest, especially the INTERVIEWS), got a little giggle out of the reviews, skimmed the ranting about LEGALIZATION (remember those 'SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME.' stickers that were plastered everywhere?) as well as the NEWS + INFO, and am carefully taking into account the "sponsering" advice of "If you wanna sponser then get pretty good at skateboarding. I guess when you get good, send in some shit to the sponser. Keep doing that." Thanks ATMskater, I liked your site 13 years later.

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