Sunday, July 3, 2011

My piece in Joe's poetry art show this past Friday

He gave me two poems to choose from and the other one he gave me was longer and about a girl and i was getting too imaginative and complicated with my brainstorming, so i decided to scale back my often overambitious eyes bigger than stomach approach to life and I went with the two liner that I had a more simple idea for that stayed a little purer with its intentions to make an art piece in a style that both accurately represents my artmaking and also does a good job of simply visually interpreting the poem. Short poems are always the best. Poets would probably call me blasphemous for saying this, but if it can fit in a tweet or a text message (exempting my own long-form texting style :-/) all the better by me, but then again I really tend to only care about poetry if it's by someone I know that's really passionate about it and it's worth checking out to see if they're good at it, or if they are say, Kate Bush or Brian Eno lyrics. The show went well and I am extremely overjoyed by the great response I got from both my piece and the show cards I designed for Joey. I'll post the pics I took of people hanging out and doing some reading on the roof with the river in the background, it was a pretty cool backdrop.

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