Thursday, July 7, 2011

My two favorite pictures I took at my friends' wedding over Memorial Day Weekend

I'm really behind on posting about the goings on in my life, places I've been, trips I've been on, all of that stuff...BUT I wanted to share with you all the two best pictures I took at my dear friends Jessica and Galen's wedding in Gary, Indiana. Among many other loveable/admirable talents, Jessica is our Assistant Director at White Flag, so she's who Taylor and I get tasks from and answer to while we're there for the most part since Matt our director lives part time in NYC for about the past year. I made a few posts about the wonderful delicious cakes when I was actually at the wedding, but I took two pictures that I really just fell in love with and had to share. It was amazing and beautiful and I cried and laughed so much during all the speeches I probably would've looked crazy if the Gary Aquatorium wasn't packed with people who also love the stuffing out of one or both of Jessica and Galen, and couldn't be happier or more excited for them or with them. I promise I'll tell the whole story another time, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. The first pic I took with my trusty little waterproof point and shoot pink camera, and the second one I took with Taylor's camera, which is a nicer camera, but a little smaller than pro DSLR cameras I've seen/used before. Stories come later, but I love these people so much that I've got to make a long post about it later.

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