Friday, July 8, 2011

NY Times article on NAIL POLISH

I'm glad they're paying attention because it has gotten so HUGE that people don't view nails as a beauty/makeup product so much anymore as they view it as an ACCESSORY (even on the runways, as that article will tell you), all these older discontinued nail polish trends/colors are back in style (ie crackle nail polish was made by Cover Girl when I was in middle school and I wondered why it got discontinued because it's RAD but now a BUNCH of companies are making it), I can't go to Target without buying a new shade of something, JUSTIN BIEBER has a successful nail polish "one less lonely girl" line put out by nicole by OPI, and Anya's mom asked our opinion on black nail polish on a woman in her 50s and 60s because she saw a friend of hers sporting dark nails, and there's all these different brush and bottle shapes to choose from and well, if you come to my blog regularly, you know how I feel about nail polish SOOOOO I HAD TO READ IT! Thanks to my lovely mom for sending!

NAIL POLISH IS THE NEW LIPSTICK: Why Did Nail Polish Go Mainstream

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