Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm on a pho kick. I tried to make it one time and realized that it was worth the $6.50 - $8.00 (or like $9-$11 I end up actually spending after tax, tip, and appetizer splitting with my eating companion) because I over seasoned the soup, bought the wrong clear asian noodles, all sorts of bad news was a pho-king disaster. I still ate a lot of it before realizing it tasted kind of like garbage but whatever, we live and we learn not to get too excited to follow the recipe EXACTLY until you've made whatever it is enough times to stray here and there. Plus, buying star anise and cardamom in a regular grocery store is NOT as cheap as the asian market. BUT since I don't feel awesome enough to go eat out on my own, I take FOREVER to prepare and eat it, and I want pho ALL THE TIME... I might have to try again and learn how to make it in bulk at home so I can eat it whenever the pho I want. I just found this recipe online with really good pictures and it is making me so hungry I need to snack ASAP before I ruin my appetite before SLOUP (see previous post) because it's only in 2 hours and I'm going to slurp up some of that chef Clara Moore's chilled cucumber soup goodness. Maybe I'll distract myself with some laundry and dishes and salad.

most of these pics are from fuck yeah pho
Anthony Bourdain eating PHO in Vietnam:

I am not brave enough for this portion

I also want to try this crock pot one the same gal blogged but I can't remember if a crock pot was one of the items my grandma gave me when she moved from her house to FriendshipVillageGrandmaPartyZone I'mTooBusyToReturnGrandchildren'sPhoneCalls so if anyone has a crock pot they want to get rid of, think of me, dear friend and I will share things I make in it. As a parting gift, this would be a great time to post the Jessica Hische type illustration as love note to that red rooster sauce we all love, sriracha.

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