Saturday, July 23, 2011

SLOUP #18 at the Contemporary Museum: My friends' apartment gallery Los Caminos has a proposal up

I don't know if you've ever heard of SLOUP but basically from my understanding of the events, everyone gets together somewhere and pays $10 to get into this soup dinner (the soup is always made and donated by a local restaurant, some of which might be out of your regular desired dining out price range to eat at) and then anyone who submits a proposal in time for a project they'd like funding for (usually a community or creative project) gets to have their proposal presented to all the SLOUP guests, and then all the attendees vote on who gets the pool of money in the end.

Seems to me to be a very fair system for raising money for a project that might not know how to obtain startup funding (or might be too small/new to have a fundraising/donation system in place), and to get a sense of what is going on in your community, and in turn directly contribute to the ones you think deserve a chance to flourish, without breaking the bank. I've always meant to go to one, but never made it out for some reason, despite knowing Maggie and Amelia, the girls that organize these events.

Tomorrow, Sunday July 24th at 2 pm, I'll be attending my first SLOUP at St Louis' Contemporary Art Museum, to listen to and vote for my friends Cole and Francesca's apartment gallery Los Caminos (btw they just got an amazing write-up/interview by Temporary Arts) to get funding they need to continue their awesome programming. Here's the facebook event info. The soup for tomorrow's event is donated by Local Harvest and will be Chilled Cucumber soup. If their cucumber soup is half as good as their borscht, it'll be worth it. Chef Clara Moore is super rad and makes delicious everything, so I'm excited. Hope to see you there! Don't be afraid to comment or contact me to ask what it's all about or how it went if you miss it, and if you end up going because you've read about it here, then be sure to say hello when you see me!

SLOUP on facebook
Los Caminos on facebook

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