Friday, July 29, 2011

This is one of my favorite videos on all of YouTube

I can't even really explain why I get such a kick out of it. Maybe it's because I can see myself making the same thing, or maybe it's the paper bowls floating in the pool and the camera panning down a string of the same raisin in different positions tied together in an action sequence chain, or maybe it's just that I see those California Raisin Figurines every other time I go to an antique mall, and I'm impressed that someone collected so many of them and decided to make a video of them having some sort of Flinstones Meet The Jetsons type fanfic swingers party with Smurf figurines (let's pretend like that horrible movie is not coming to theaters) set to such a universally-understood-as-sexytime song, but I just know that I LOVE IT SO MUCH I MIGHT ACTUALLY CONSIDER MARRYING IT. As in, the upload date was September of 2007, and it still only has about 13,000 views and I have no idea where I initially found it, which means that I've loved it for years and I hope it makes sense to you. Here's to hoping that you will also love it even just a fraction of how much this makes me laugh, or if nothing else just solidifies your endearment to my love for it. I have no idea if I've ever shared it with you before, or why I haven't yet if I haven't, but here it is. Happy Friday, blog readers.

PS- I can't hear "I heard it through the grapevine" without thinking of the California Raisins, which I think might be unique to my generation.

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  1. Wow, that is an extensive collection of California Raisin figurines! They even have Rudy Rutabaga, which I didn't ever realize they'd made a figurine of. Also, tons of Astro-Sniks and that one "REAL GHOSTBUSTERS" old-lady-that-turns-into-a-monster toy!


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