Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tomorrow's Tulips videos

These are my friends in OC, CA Alex Knost and Christina Kee and the little tiny Kurt Cobain lookin' one in the above video is Jack F, whose whole family is super awesome and I love them. I get jealous every time my brother says he is going to Alex and Christina's house for a BBQ or to see Tomorrow's Tulips play. If there was an ocean here (I'm pretty sure that they both surf but Al does it professionally) it might be easier to get them to tour here. CK is a super cute drummer, especially when her hair is in her eyes. They kind of remind me of The Vaselines if they surfed and were more chilled out, they seem to fit to me with the likes of say, Vivian Girls and Best Coast as far as poppy post punk sleepytown but still energetic and somehow nodding at experimental music. Writing about music makes no sense, I'm sorry. Just Listen.

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