Friday, August 26, 2011

Well I guess I'll be tuning into MTV VMAs this year...aka BASIC BITCHES WEAR THAT SHIT SO I DON'T EVEN BOTHER!

Kreayshawn (pronounced CRAY-shawn, not creation), who I have a major talent crush on, (video up above for reference, which she edits and directs herself) is hosting the MTV Red Carpet Report, so I'm TiVo'in it FO SHO now. I'm not sure at what point in the evening she'll be donning it, but our KC sweetheart Peggy Noland was posting a picture of a very mysterious portion of an outfit she made alluding to a (self started) rumored that said outfit is made for the Kreaylady at the VMAs! GAGA'S GoN B JEALOUS! PEGGY'S A GENIUS AT CREATIVE OUTFITS!

Even though I'm not in the habit of aimlessly tweeting at people with record deals and 13 million views on their breakout hit, I say rumor because I tweeted at Kreayshawn asking if she would tweet about her outfit to no reply, but hey, I tried! Maybe she's waiting for the day of hype to reveal all the tricks up her sleeves. I'm too excited not to blog about it, though. Below is the hint that Peggy posted on her facebook page. It appears to be some sort of swatch of fabric with sperms and words printed all over it, paired with an awesome bratastic punk patch style jacket she sewed on a bunch of thrift store patches that say funny shit...which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for Kreayshawn. I cannot wait to see it on screen and see a combination of what I imagine will be new stardom rapper young girl cocksureness, sweet awe starstruckness, and inappropriate overconfident questions posed to musicians in Kreay's Oakland swag jargon we haven't heard yet that should inspire some great reactions if nothing else. I'm just imagining this at this point, but boy am I excited about it.

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