Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just in case you were considering dressing up as a vagina for halloween

Don't you kind of wish your clitoris was sequined after watching that? You better enjoy lots of penetration jokes if you choose to wear that as a halloween costume, and be prepared to explain it to children. I was on a kind of strange and scary trip to youtube because today I learned about Tenga which touts to be "filled with state of the art technology" (ew) and is the Japanese designed variation on the Fleshlight, and after looking up the video to show to someone else, I clicked on some related videos and found a shit ton (well, like three too many) of homemade videos on DIY at home pocket pussy crafting tutorials, ranging in skill and craft level, and needless to say, I got a little skeeved out by the description of learning what a "FiFi" or "prison girlfriend" is. I post this video of this home made crafted vagina halloween costume because well, it saved me from all the creeps and made me laugh. Enjoy, vagina enthusiasts!

Speaking of which, have you seen the Summer's Eve package redesigns (long overdue) and as-confusing-as-your-first-boner "That's Vaginal" or "Hail to the V" campaigns? How about their other weird talking hand as vagina one that abc reported that they missed the mark? Obviously, the cat one is my favorite, not because of the "That's Vaginal" tagline, but because I wish my cat Chilton had a private jet and gave slideshow presentations and wore blazers. Pussy power! (in more ways than one) Here:

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