Thursday, September 1, 2011


So. For months and months, my friends Paul J and Jake H have been hard at work making this website they did a test run of a few years ago and wanted to recreate as a full time, set hours of operation kind of business. It's taken them longer than they expected (doesn't everything worth doing?) but they DID IT! You can watch the live feed of the cameras of what's going on at the ShootPaul warehouse in downtown St Louis, check up on their blog that they update on the regular, and you can certainly go to their website and SHOOT THEM WITH PAINTBALLS! Additionally, if you're some sort of glutton for games and punishment, they might be so welted/bruised up soon they are going to hire some part time minions to be in the paintball shooting range in costumes and masks and stuff too, so if for whatever reason that sounds fun or interesting to you, I happen to know how to get ahold of these two.

YOU GET 3 FREE SHOTS just for signing in with your facebook account, so it's a super fast sign up!

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