Monday, October 17, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out, Smarty McFly

So Chelsea's birthday was the other day, and I promised I'd have these really awesome Back to the Future 2 related post for her. She and a bunch of friends rode roller coasters in the dark on Saturday at Six Flags' Frightfest...I went last year but I skipped out this year. If you're considering checking out Frightfest but are scared of people jumping out to scare you, don't be... they're not allowed to touch you and so their version of scaring you is more like walking creepily close to your group of friends so that you're like, "who invited this guy and why are they dressed like colonial zombies?"

ANYWAYS: Happy birthday Chelsea aka the best roller derby hero ever SMARTY McFLY!
Here are some future shoes none of us can afford but we all really really want (so much so that I found a bunch of sites where people were petitioning for them to be made) but might settle for a pair of working LA Lights in ladies size ten and a bunch of pictures of my mom and dad and brother and I next to the Deloreon that was parked outside of Mrs Knotts' Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm that I've been meaning to post since MAY.

PS- Is it just me, or does this car make my family look like a bunch of GIANTS? Look how small it is compared to my mom and I posing like car show babes...I know we're 5' 10" but WHAAAA???? Would we fit inside this car? What do you think the car insurance is like for one of these babies?

Ry Ry my brother's reflection while he checks out the control panel

Dad checking it out (on the right)

Mom being forced to babely pose next to it.

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