Thursday, October 27, 2011


OKAY, so I KNOW I've made jokes before about my Dad time traveling (and to my knowledge no one else thought it was funny besides my mom who probably took the picture and my brother who is IN the picture), but I just can't help myself from cracking up over stuff like this! This picture of an unidentified soldier looks SHOCKINGLY like my dad when put side by side! I can't believe it! Compare evidence for yourself! I photoshopped his face onto the soldier's picture just to see what it'd look like... Dude's gotta be a Donahue! Better update your account, Mom!


  1. That is beyond amazing! I wish I'd known you were researching Civil War stuff; my dad had this business where he would dress up as a Union Soldier and go to schools and boy scout troops and stuff and teach kids about the war. We still have all his uniforms and artifacts.

    P.S. My next tattoo is going to be the artillery guns on the Union cap.

  2. Ask your dad what he knows about this:


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