Monday, October 24, 2011

Me smashing cans with a sledgehammer in Tower Grove Park

You can't read my handwriting very well but it says "I smashed this one" (the pic was taken before I smashed it ON THE FIRST TRY) and "lee smashed this one" and we were sticking around a little after the chili cookoff benefit for the rebuilding of pete stein (he lost his feet in a train catching accident and is doing awesome but has major billz and a long road of recovery/rehabilitation) and anyone who sounds like you want to care about that story should go to off broadway this Thursday October 27th for "Stumped: a benefit show for the rebuilding of Pete Stein" which I'm donating at least one piece of artwork to for silent auction, and I'll be there after 9 because I have a prior obligation to fulfill before attending. The flier, illustrated by the lovely Lauren Busiere, is posted at the bottom of this post.

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