Monday, October 3, 2011

Single topic blog cat meme whatever: ANXIETY CAT

I'm not really much into these things with the pinwheel/beachball looking pattern background with a wolf or a cat or whatever is hip on the internet to type shitty type with a stroke around the edges over it, but I kind of got a few laughs out of anxiety cat and so I thought I'd share it. Plus, this one is totally how I am/was in school for life.

If you haven't noticed, I've been totes slackadazical about posting on this blog lately. EIGHT published posts in the month of September? I gotta snap out of this! I've had a ton of work to do and just want to be away from the computer most of the time when it's not hurting my neck :( so I'm not over it, just taking a lazy break. I promise I have about 15 drafts that I started and never finished of entries to post. But these kinds are easy to finish, I just haven't been that into many of the Single Topic Blogs I find lately because there are SO GODDAMN MANY OF THEM.


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