Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweetie Pie's is getting a TV show on the OPRAH CHANNEL!

I haven't been to Sweetie Pie's in a few years, but I guess I didn't realize that they've only been in The Grove for 2 or 3 years longer than White Flag has! How do I work down the street from this restaurant and I hadn't seen cameras? Maybe because on the weekends it's mega crowded anyways? You can see ladies in church hats lined up around the corner to eat there after Sunday services. If you go there on a weekday it is a pretty manageable crowd though.

I had no idea that she was an Ikette! So exciting! I bet I have pictures of her from when I took so many still shots of the movie Rock City. Are any of these Ikettes her?

Couldn't resist posting all of those, because I like them. The thing I might question in her wording might be the "upscale neighborhood" thing...while it is a burgeoning area, I can't tell you how much scarier it used to be at night only 5 years ago, and I still hesitate to walk to my car at night without using the buddy system, and windows still get routinely busted out by neighborhood kids or who knows after dark when not enough police presence is around.  On a lighter note, I really wish that sweetie pies fried some other piece of the chicken besides the wing! I'm a thigh and drumstick girl!

I haven't eaten there in a few years because I always get something that is too big and have to take it home, or I end up wanting 2 things from the cafeteria lady style ordering line that end up being 2 entree items, and then I can't take it back when I find out because I'm being yelled at by old ladies behind the counter and then it ends up not being such a cheap meal! Having said that, their mac n cheese and sweet potatoes are the best and I wish I knew what went into them, and that goes for the cornbread and some cabbage looking dish with hammy-bacony flecks in it, too. Some things are so "soul foud" that they get a little scary, like how we have pigs feet and ox tails in the Schnucks, and how you can't tell what kind of delicious gravy is on the pork steak (a cut of meat unique to STL as far as I'm concerned) that they serve, but overall, Sweetie Pies DOES deserve a TV show, and I'm totally going to put it on my TiVo To Do list when it airs.

Bonus: Here's a clip from "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" where Sweetie Pie's is featured:

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