Monday, October 17, 2011

TONIGHT: FREE at the Tivoli

Current White Flag exhibited artist Amy Granat made this movie with her friend Drew and they put some people I know in it a few years ago and some of them will be there at the theater tonight when we show the movie. TSOWY stands for The Sorrows of A Young Werther which is loosely based on the novel of the same name. From what I remember, the whole movie has two perspectives and is centered around a motorcycle and filmed mostly in the California deserts. It better be a type of motorcycle I'm into or else I'm going to lose interest real fast. Just kidding. I'll be there watching, the artists will be there introducing, and my good friend sweet Liz Ellis will be slingin popcorn, candy, beer, and wine on a night she doesn't usually work because she's awesome. If you didn't have plans tonight, now you've got options!


  1. Dang that looks tight, I may try 'n' get there before going to see my best buddies Red Pony Clock, an amazing mariachi-rock porkestra from southern California, at El Leñador.

  2. You can always leave the event early, it is FREE

  3. Crap well A) I hate leavin' movies early, free or not, and B) I had a KKM meeting as it happened. Urf!


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