Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weird late night habits of a creative

Last night I had a few drinks with girlfriends and when I got home I laid in bed and turned on the tv and thought it was a good idea to take screen shots with my phone's camera (which I actually do a lot anyways, like the time I sent poor Anya a portion of a video of a slo mo shampoo commercial with the caption reading, "is this what it's like to date women?"...btw i should just upload that bc it's way funnier than the original*... or the many many email submissions I've sent to Cole Root's blog WIYFWFLTF or however you spell it) of the Forever Lazy infomercial, but since I was too lazy to get up and turn on the lights to make my camera focus, the resulting pictures are extra bizarre! CULTY, EVEN! SO MUCH RELAXING AND WINNING GOING ON! I might try this out more often! CAN YOU FEEL IT?

PS- after seeing how expensive the pajama gram would be (send the gift of RELAXATION!) to send to a friend, 2 forever lazy suits with socks for $30 sounds like a good winter birthday gift.

PPS- This whole post sounds like that George Saunders short story where the kids who grew up as essentially a permanent live in focus group for advertisers keep referring to their emotions by serial numbers of commercials that evoked those emotions in them initially...I'm doing a horrible job of explaining this, but if you like the movie IDIOCRACY or the literature of Ray Bradbury or George Orwell or Kurt Vonnegut (you know, shit that warns us about the future if we get too used to technology or advertising or whatevs) then READ THIS STORY NOW.

PPPS- I am all over the place today.

*really, the sentiments of the whole video I sent to Anya can be explained by two screen shots from that commercial, carrying about the same caption.

This is what I think it'd be like to be a you think it's accurate?:

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