Monday, October 3, 2011

Why do I have such a soft spot for white girls rapping?

I told my girl Chelsea aka Smarty McFly that she better learn all these lyrics by her birthday in a week. If I'm on top of my game I'll do a special Smarty McFly fan post for her that I meant to do like a year ago, and then again like a month ago. I also can think of a few boys on bikes that I wish would make out with this girl.

I like the part where she says she pedal pedal pedal and she hike da booty up, gotta cruise by you, gotta cruise by you...and also the part where she says:

"when i see your boyfriend on a bike i gotta have it...when i see your boyfriend on a bike i gotta grab it, take him on my bike and romance him and pants him"...
"i got bikes from the ceiling to the floor, from all my bike courier boyfriends before; i got bianchis, peugots, cinellis, fujis, and if i'm ridin handsfree it's cuz i'm rollin doobies for my girlies...and all my jelly hoes we lookin so fierce, you caution on the road."


If you comment, please leave your name at least so we all don't get creeped out.

Let's face it-- the internet's a big, weird place to hang out-- you could potentially go from clever to creepy in an instant by choosing to go anonymous.

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