Thursday, December 8, 2011

KING KHAN (and who knows what their backing band is calling themselves these days?)

Speaking of my nails, part of the reason I didn't take a picture of them was that I painted them right before running out the door to go to Off Broadway to see King Khan play, so I kind of smeared them right away. It was an amazing show, energetic and entertaining as usual, and Worful took these great pictures of Christine, Emily, and others dancing around the upright bass player when he came to shred in the audience! I've got to say, Christine is looking like a famous rock star in pictures lately, I wonder what her secret is. This reminds me, I really am behind on posting highlights from our recent weekend trip to Nashville with EIGHT LADIES. Spoiler alert: We honky tonked and karaoke'd our hearts out till we got kicked out. Beyond that, the pictures kind of speak for themselves, so I'll post some of them when I get a chance. Also, as a last note, how weird is it to see a picture of me in Black and White, where my highlighter pink hair and GOLD pants are totally muted?

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