Monday, January 31, 2011

The ice storm

Look what it did to my car windows this afternoon!

Cans, text, n nail polish

These pictures gave me the idea for a photoshoot that I've been planning with ann. I've got a bunch of different cans painted with text revealed and now I gotta plan nail polish for each of em. I'll post the awesome can pictures soon.

Snowpocalypse prep at Schnucks

Ice rain will really get us in a tizzy huh? People are buying stuff like it's going out of style. Myself included, it was really hard not to get swept up in, like I don't even usually buy bread but I felt like I needed it because what if this was the last time I could buy bread or leave the house all week?! I had to buy a small VEGGIE SNACK TRAY because that was the only celery they had left (even the kind in the water that's precut) and I can't make soup without celery! I ran into at least two people I know, and Anya said she was at the same location three hours prior and it was not this bad. The teenagers that checked me out did a crappy job, but I liked them because they were giggly.

Ann and I made soup

It's so rainy outside :(

Happy Rainy Monday I'm back in action

sort of even though I still sound like shit and have a serious cough

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Talkin bout them bad girls in black n white lately

IBM's awesome posters

They're so good I thought they were old but then I saw a USB cord and cell phones in them and realized that they are brand spankin' new! Pat on the back to IBM! It's a big nod to say, their 1981 Paul Rand designed eye-bee-m poster. They have a lovely fresh feel that make computers feel new again to me!

As part of their Smarter Planet campaign, which launched last year, IBM teamed up with illustrator Noma Bar for a very clever set of posters. Just what does IBM mean by a smarter planet?

"When we talk about a smarter planet, you can say that it has two dimensions. One is to be more efficient, be less destructive, to connect different aspects of life which do affect each other in more conscience and deliberate and intelligent ways. But the other is also to generate fundamentally new insights, new activity, new forms of social relations. So you could look at the planet as an information, creation and transmission system, and the universe was hearing its information but we weren't. But increasingly now we can, early days, baby steps days, but we can actually begin to hear the planet talking to us."

Noma Bar's illustrations are the perfect way to visualize IBM's hope for a better tomorrow.
[via my modern met]

Friday, January 28, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Really cool tights packaging

My brother doing a solar installation

Hehe look at Ryan and Nassib using tools around palm trees. Super cute. Be careful on those step ladders, guys!

My entertainment

Watching nature documentaries on cough syrup is kinda trippy, but when your cat sits next to the TV and reacts to every sound on it without actually ever looking at the screen, and your aunt who's married to your doctor sends you texts joking about your medical questions, you get to make your own fun.
I also had my friend deliver me groceries, answered the door in a SARS mask and barked, "I can't give you the flu!" at her while passing her a check. Then I made soup, while still wearing the mask, and went straight back to bed after eating some of it. It's delicious and has bacon and split peas in it.

Someone's gotten quite comfy with this whole "stay in bed til Monday" thing

I'm starting to feel like John and Yoko

Greetings from camo kitty flu quarantine island formerly known as my bedroom

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Die Antwoord Costume

Lee and Christine make the best Yolandi and Ninja I have ever seen, if they weren't already my heroes, they would be now. I'm going to take this opportunity to post the Evil Boy and Enter The Ninja Videos again. Also, keep in mind that if you ever want to see me do a cool party trick, play Enter the Ninja and watch me sing along.


To cheer me up while I am sick, thanks Jeff.

I have influenza and have been given doctor's orders to stay in bed until MONDAY

Being sick is like a stupid emotional roller coaster. I'm going through moments of "yay now I can finally watch this crazy trippy documentary I've been putting off watching so I can finally send it back to netflix" and "now I have an excuse to sit around in bed and read this awesome book and not feel obligated to go anywhere!" to like, extreme moments of sadness and loneliness where I should not actually see anyone because I might cry at any commercial that's too emotional or a facebook comment that is too funny.

I feel like a complete wreck. It is messing with my productivity and sleep cycle and my everything in a big way. I would not wish the horrible sounds coming from my lungs on anyone. Just as a warning, I may not make much sense over any type of correspondence over the next few days. I miss you guys already. It's a good thing that Chilton responds to "no, don't leave me!" just now because otherwise I would be having a serious snuggle deficiency. You might want to get a flu shot if you saw me in the past week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr Uncle Mark says, "Well, Feathergirl, put that mask back on because you might have influenza!"

Some of my moms' side of the family calls me Feather instead of Heather because my cousin Marden couldn't remember my name right. 20 years later they still call me it and I like it. I look sicker with the SARS mask on and no shower, huh?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guy Bourdin Nails

Who: Famous artsy fashion photographer that I've liked for years Why: I came across two images he took of nail polish tonight and they are pretty cool

WOAH I seriously thought this was an image of me for a second

holy crap, when it was tiny I could have sworn I was like woah when did I have glasses and was in that rad room? [VIA]

Afternath of "HEAD OVER HEELS" at Los Caminos on Cherokee this past Saturday

I missed the opening because I was at a very important birthday party turned problem solve keys lost whatever, but I stopped by the gallery space/cole's apartment the next morning with Cole and Marie and saw the aftermath, which reminded me of that movie Mad Love where Drew Barrymore and that guy who played Robin in Batman & Robin (the one where Alicia Silverstone is Batgirl) are so in crazy love that they take a road trip where they're having a blast running away from life until shit gets real and dude walks in on a crazed unmedicated Drew Barrymore taping countless numbers of pairs of eyes cut out from magazines onto all the walls and it's game over for their Bonnie and Clyde/Pierrot le Fou style getaway.

The funny thing is, all of these pictures on the confetti strewn floor are printed with pink, purple, and orange hues of Drew Barrymore's face. I heard that the night before's soundtrack was an on repeat Tears For Fears song "Head over heels", which I think is great, but I am still secretly wishing that Abba's song of the same name would play a part as well. Either way, hats off to Maggie and Amelia for pulling this thing off. Can't wait to see what Francesca and Cole can put together for their apartment gallery next!

Hyperbole and a Half is cracking me up on the daily

This story telling blog with illustrated webcomic style drawings called Hyperbole and a Half has been making me laugh so much lately, I had to post about it. The story today is about a birthday party of little six year old girls who decide to play a game where they are wolves that hunt a 13 year old boy that "gets to be" the deer in the game, when the poor kid was just asked to help wrangle them and keep the girls out of too much trouble, and comes out with all sorts of bite wounds. It just made me want to send it to all my girlfriends. Here are some of the pictures that will motivate you to read the whole story and laugh for yourself.
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