Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nice masked off bike picture

So many good things this Sunday evening

Why is crystal hot sauce so good on pizza? Why is it so much better off a glittery heart shaped plate? Why is Chilton so snuggly and puppy-like and awesome? Why is my bed so comfy and why doesn't it feel more decadent to be watching THREE glowing screens as I write this from my phone and watch TV? This is the perfect Sunday evening. Good luck trying to get me to go anywhere, I can only think of two people who can get me out of the house at this moment, and they're probably busy together.

If you have a bike without quick release wheels, you might want this

So this pretty much rules, you don't have to remember to carry around a wrench for your wheel, because it's way easier to remember your lock than it is to remember to carry tools! As someone who is always forgetting something (or everything), I can safely deem this as a very practical innovation.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I love texting so much, I found this infographic awesome

I want this Hyperactivitypography Workbook

It looks rad, it's designed like a kid's workbook with very sophisticated lessons to teach about type. It's one of those things that look so pretty you might be afraid to mess it up by doing the activities it was designed for. I actually kind of want all these books offered on typojungle. You can flip through the whole book and buy it on the book's site:

My friend Grace sent me this kitty video from Japanese TV

The blog it was originally posted on has a translation of what's going on, I love the sound effects haha. Asian TV is right up there with Mexican TV, they know how to have weird fun.

I am seriously considering getting this for my cats

It might be woth the $30 just to see if it would work...Having a litterbox sure is the worst part of having a cat, next to how much they squirm, yowl, hiss, etc when trimming their nails. It looks way less messy than some of the other ways I've seen cat toilet training on youtube videos.
[Citi Kitti Website]


The new bike I'm building won't be as colorful as this, but it is surprisingly wheel set is white (with white hubs and white spokes and silver braking surface), I'm getting pink tires (they have yellow tires on this one), my chain ring and crank set are both purple like the chain ring and pedals on this bike), my riser bars are pink like that, the handlebar stem is black, my brake levers are annondized that color purple/magenta and black, my pedals are clear purple (but I haven't found the right straps just yet, though I do have pink plastic cages a lot like these yellow ones to put on for the meantime if I need), I have a holographic saddle (still need a seat post, can't decide whether to match it to the handlebar stem or not), a purple chain, and my frame is a teal Centurion with light pink and light yellow triangles going in and out of the logo on the down tube. I might go with yellow brake cables, but have been kind of doubting that, and seeing this makes me doubt it even more. I am also indecisive about handlebar grips. I almost have a whole bike!

This reminds me...I wonder where I put my pink and purple star spokey dokes...yes, I really have them. They look exactly like the ones on this bike, only they are only pink and purple.
bike via [PEDAL MAFIA]

This is kind of how I feel a lot of the time

Cool old illustration of the Arch's Observation Platform

Cool Old Ad for Eero Saarinen's Tulip Chair

If you're not familiar with Eero Saarinen's chair designs, you might be familiar with the fact that he is the dude that designed our very own St Louis Arch! This awesome ad via PHAIDON

This reminded me of that

This song I heard on a few commercials is pretty catchy, it's on the first Kia Soul Hamsters spot and  When I looked it up to do this comparison, I got a few videos of teenagers or college students making music videos featuring the song on youtube starring themselves in it (so you know it's uncomfortably hip) but I thought to post about it because I immediately thought it sounded like 1980 release "Fade To Grey" by synthpop masters Visage. You decide if you hear it too; below is the ad spot for a video game that I kind of want to play just because of the commercial, and then is the Visage song.
de blob 2 commercial with "Colours" by Calvin Harris:

"Fade to Grey" by Visage:

I heard this awesome song that I really want and the album isn't out yet :( But then I found some free mp3s so YAY

Yesterday evening Taylor was driving me home and The Space Parlour was playing on 88.1 KDHX FM and I was trying to identify this awesome shoegazey sounding song with my Soundhound app, and it kept saying it couldn't identify that song, no matter how many times I tried it. At first I thought it was only because shoegazey sounding songs typically have so many effects on them it might be a little muddy for the software to figure it out, but after coming home and looking at the playlist to see what the song was and tirelessly searching for a way to find that song on the internet, amazon told me it doesn't come out until March 1st! NoOOooooOOoo.

The band is called Papercuts and they are on Sub Pop Records. They have other records too, I assume they are as cool sounding. I was originally just going to find the song and send it to my friend who I'm always trying to impress with emailing him songs but this is too good not to share with everyone!

Amazon has another song off their new upcoming album "Fading Parade" for FREE!!!!

RCRDLBL has 4 additional FREE tracks from this band if you wanna hear how their other albums might sound! [4 FREE SONGS YAY!]

Here's the song "Chills" that started me on this mission, and I still like it better than any of the ones I downloaded and listened to so far:

Someone buy me this guardian angel bike necklace

In about a month it'll be St Patrick's Day, which I always get depressed over the past few years because not only was it then that my Great Uncle Ed died (who acted as a dad to my mom and a grandpa to me since my mom's dad died a year before I was born) but also because this year will mark 2 years since my big crazy bike accident where I broke my skull and elbow and almost died and spent days in the hospital and then months in a neck brace, sedentary, and still kind of have some residual bad attitudes and fears and anxieties and other things that hold me back over it or make me afraid to live to the fullest, even if that makes no sense because I was allowed to live. Basically I'm bummin hardcore lately. I'm sort of productive by myself, but also very slow at working, very behind on stuff I should have finished, I'm not wanting to do much, and the things that I do want to do socially, I feel like no one wants to do with me or get excited about or believe me that it will be fun. Maybe the dog parade this weekend and some good lectures at the student AIGA conference will snap me out of it. Maybe.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going to see the Weazel tonight, we'll see how this goes

My friend Jim called me this evening and asked me if I wanted a free ticket to see Pauly Shore, and Taylor has this week off of work, so I guess we're checking it out! I'll let you know how it goes! I shoulda worn this outfit.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Practice Finger or Practice Hand: You decide which sounds dirtier...

I'm painting all these fake nails for photo shoot purposes that I've been talking about for weeks now, so I don't have to waste a bunch of time and paint models' nails, just press em on, and before I was holding them up individually with tweezers, and kept thinking "there's got to be a better way to do this!!" and my friend who went to beauty school told me, "oh yeah, I've got a practice hand for that!" so I went out and got one today. I felt creepy opening them.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My new awesome holographic bike saddle!

My good friend TJ gave me this amazing saddle that used to be on at least one of his many awesome colorful bikes, and now it's mine all mine!!! Yay! So stoked for this bike to come together slowly but surely!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Fashion Week, I found a single topic blog that makes hilarious commentary on the fashion and modeling industry

I took probably too many screen shots but they were all making me laugh on the inside. Plus I like photographer Terry Richardson and they seem to equally love him as much as they love poking fun at his creepster persona. The first one below alludes to exactly the reason my mom stated for not letting her naturally tall and awkwardly thin child get into modeling. I recently saw something that said "There's a Special Place in Hell for Fashion Bloggers." and I was not immediately going to disagree with that statement, even if I'm guilty of fashiony posts every so often, I think blogs that are only about fashion get a little bit boring and hard for more than just fashion people to relate to or want to read, kind of like fashion school or their industry! So, it was immensely refreshing to find a blog that has a pretty insider's perspective and also makes fun of everything.


The above image you might not understand as a joke unless you are familiar with famous acclaimed teenage fashion blogger Tavi, who the fashion world loves so much she's probably front row at most of the fashion week stuff. I like when she had pastel seafoam green hair, I wish I could make my hair that color, but I don't know what colors I'd mix together to get it.

Yay mailman brought my new wheel set!!!

I am getting PINK and black tires!!!!! I can't wait this building a single speed bike thing is slowly coming together so nicely!!!

HayBoyHay vanity plates

Saw one unintentional vanity plate and one real one today. I always see a lot of vanity plates and I love them so much but I haven't been taking pictures of them lately. Gettin back in the habit!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Useful German and Mail Away Novelty Gag gifts and WOah!

phone via Chelsea's Deep Lunges

Fatty Fat Fat Cat and Tappy Tap Shoulder Cat

Staying in tonight with soup and my cats. This winter sucks, I don't even want to go outside, it's too cold. Tomorrow I'll go out to South Broadway Athletic Club Wrestling with friends.

"I call it 'Hot Hamwater'"

Just kidding, I'm making a stock and flavoring beans for a soup, but I couldn't resist making an Arrested Development reference since I watched most every episode of it while I was sick.


My friend Fran posted hipped me to this video and I have an instant crush. I don't even know if he's cute or polite or anything but I already love him. My exact words were actually: "OH MAH GAWD. HIS SOCKS. HIS TWIRLING AND GLIDING ABILITIES...upside down pushups? FUCK, man...sign me UP!" But in real life, I really want all his sweet Vision Streetwear shoes and gear. I wonder if they just gave him a bunch of stuff or if they are one of his sponsors. Why must I love boys so much?

Then I watched two more because he is awesome:


She has a new record that was produced by Jack White and he's been appearing on late night talk show performances accompanying her on guitar. She still sounds exactly the same as she did when she was young and performing the first time around.

Some songs to familiarize you with her if you haven't ever heard her:
"Let's Have A Party"An early TV performance of "Sparklin Brown Eyes"
 "Mean, Mean Man"
"Rock Your Baby (All Night Long)"
"Stupid Cupid"
2003 version of her amazing song "Funnel of Love" with Ivy and Lux Interior of The Cramps!!! 
"Tongue Tied"

Look! She tells jokes and she covers the only Amy Winehouse song I like "You Know I'm No Good"



Two friends sent me this same video in one day, and it has a motorcycle and a cat in it, so I had to post it.

there are several of these videos now and I anticipate more since they seem to be popular enough to get emailed to me twice in one day, am I right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Night I had a Musical Sex Dream That Can Only Be Comparable to Grease 2's "Let's Do It For Our Country"

...mostly because it was ultimately interrupted by realizing I'd overslept. It was just starting to get good, too. I wish I could remember the song from the dream, but I don't think the guy in my dream would go for it if I started singing it to him and jumped on him and clung to him like a koala bear like I did in the dream...In real life, I forget how tall and clumsy I am and would probably knock most guys over.


If you watch 30 Rock, one of the lesbians the cat interviews is on the show and I think her character's name might actually be Sue but she has an Eastern European accent and is part of the writers' staff I think...

What I wish I were doing this winter

I have wanted to dress up in costumes and make lip syncing videos since probably before I knew what either of those things were. I can't tell you how bummed I am that this is the only video that these girls have uploaded. I pretty much need to be best friends with them.

PS- Why isn't anyone making videos like this with me this winter???

Demolition Lesley Gore

Was the name of the idea I had for a satirical tribute band project when I was 18 and first moved to St Louis because I was so baffled and mystified at Lesley Gore's lyrics turning the other cheek to things like cheating and chalking it up to "That's The Way Boys Are" and in "Maybe I Know" (below) she says "deep down inside he loves me, though he may run around, deep down inside he loves me, some day he'll settle down!" and then pulling something out that deepens that attitude that my Dad would always say about his own mother: "She thinks DENIAL is a river in Egypt!" with songs like "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" On that note, let's watch this live version of "Maybe I Know":

OH yeah, did I mention she came out as a lesbian at some point in time? Which is awesome because they had her singing all sorts of hits about boys and love and writing open letters to boys on her album covers and interviews that I've read say that her main interest in life as a teenage girl are boys boys boys, and I mean, her big hits are "It's My Party" (and I'll cry if I want to) where Johnny and Judy ruin her bday by walking in together "and what a birthday surprise, she's wearing his ring!" and the sequel being "Judy's Turn to Cry" because "Johnny's come back to me!", but then she pulls out these mean sticking up for herself crooners like the wildly covered "You Don't Own Me" (including by Quintron, Klaus Nomi, Joan Jett, and The First Wives Club! I dare you to click on that last link and try to watch the whole thing haha) and the breakup angry F-U song "I Don't Care"... the combination of all these dynamics makes Lesley Gore a total point of fascination for me.

The name Demolition Lesley Gore was actually a play on words of an 80s hair metal band from LA that was called Demolition Gore Galore that my dad's friend Walter I worked for in high school was in, one of their only releases being from the year I was born. I looked it up and it's at least chronicled as a rarity so that's pretty exciting, especially since they have it available for download on this hair metal blog and I haven't heard it since I was 17 and Walt played it for me on cassette and showed me all the pictures of them wearing crazy outfits and stuff. So I thought it was funny to reference something so obscure but personal and urelated all at the same time in a tribute band name.

I'll leave you with a prize for sitting through all of this, and if you're some of my friends that don't read things if they're past a certain length, well then, you're missin out! Here's of the moment hip band you should know BEST COAST, covering a song that I've tried to sing at Karaoke joints with the apology "I know it's on the list, but for some reason we just don't seem to have it" from the Karaoke DJ...I give you:

Two Funny Sarah Palin Parody Videos I Have Seen

Microwave Kitties

I'm fairly certain my mom had that goose with bows or bonnets on drawing in the background, or everything but the cats!

My brand new purple crank-set came in the mail today!

Next I am getting the white rimswith white spokes and hubs and a BREAKING SURFACE! I'm so excited to be building up my long awaited custom single speed bike!!!!

New space is having an art show in the Grove on Manchester!

Woah! There's a printmaking show going on down the street basically between White Flag and Atomic Cowboy on Manchester Ave, I've seen kind of good looking dudes (or at least ones that said hi to me and seemed friendly with good style) smoking cigarettes outside of that SPACE but I had no idea that it was going to host art shows! Check it out, there's a video! I know that Sleepy Kitty always makes great posters (I recently mentioned them when posting about the cat circus that I ended up being too sick to go to and I think it was snowing anyways) and my friend Vadim is in the show too!

Print/Pull Bump from MadeMonarchs on Vimeo.
Print/Pull printmaking show in St. louis, Mo. February 18th featuring: John Vogl, Delicious Design League, Sleepy Kitty, Kevin McCoy, Rashaad Whittier, Kirsten O' Loughlin, Blaine Deutsch, and Vadim Gershman.

Google Demo SLAM is so awesome

You're going to want to bookmark [GOOGLE DEMO SLAM] right now. It's all these videos of people using free services that Google offers and doing awesome shit with it. I just watched like 15 of them in a row, I'm definitely bookmarking to watch next time I'm bored, procrastinating, lonely, sick, or anything else I've been this winter. Here is the first one I saw, where three animators made an animation using Google Docs Presentations and nothing else! Frame by frame animation with graph shapes and words!

Others I watched:
  • a kid was on a 20 foot skateboard ramp and spoke a voice search into his friend's phone who was standing on a ladder at the top of the halfpipe 
  • microbiologists color bacteria with Google logo colors and "grow" google's logo in a pitri dish and then take a photo and change the background to their Google Homepage (I so have to come up with something awesome next time I'm bored)
  • two asian guys used google street view to race one another across the country
  • someone used phonetic sounds in google translate to make the computer speak beatbox sounds over the speaker
  • a dude gave himself a haircut by setting up two laptops facing the front and back of his head and used google video chat
  • google translate over loudspeakers to dictate a bingo game to a room full of elderly (presumably) eastern europeans
  • Maria Sharipova asks questions on a multiple choice test to her cell phone's google voice service and has to hit balls at guys holding signs that were either A B or C
  • kid brothers playing that "chubby bunny" game where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth until Google Voice can't recognize that they're saying "chubby bunny" anymore.

Then I finally got hungry and realized I had wasted like an hour on videos. Ok now I have to get back to work so I can go to bed. See you tomorrow morning, blog.

I was about to go to bed after making nachos...

...and then While I was Shredding Cheddar Cheese, not even bent over, mind you, Chilton leapt up from the table behind me onto my shoulders. Now, granted I've been trying to teach him how to turn this into a piggy back ride trick, I did not know he was retaining any of the lessons. Just like a cat, only when it's convenient for him. I had to carefully run into the other room to snap this photo, where he got quite comfortable up there for a minute.

Long Long Ago, When I used to make Taylor Pose By Everything

Ok, I won't lie, I still do that. But I was looking through old pictures and wanted to tell this story about how we got sent on an errand at White Flag to buy popcorn for a movie series we were running, and we were off to some store in North County that exclusively sold junk food.

When we got there, the store owner greeted  us as if we were the only customers of the day, like we had a golden ticket and someone was offering us test market flavor change gum and soda that makes you float and break the rules. It happened to be the one day of the year that all their vendors gathered in a room complete with convention center booths with table skirts, and everyone was giving us the full hospitality treatment as if we were actually store owners or I don't know, planning to stock a snack bar for a little league organization, or at the very least something way more official than getting sent over to buy popcorn by our founder and director (and friend) Matt who did a google search and sent us on kind of a wild goose chase. All over popcorn. Popcorn that ended up having to be thrown out because a mouse got into it! If I remember correctly, some of this popcorn was colored with green butter flavored food coloring for whatever reason. We probably got talked into it and felt bad because they'd been giving us a bunch of free stuff.

So back to the free stuff, the whole time we were getting wooed by cotton candy and super pretzel and cookie sandwich and hot dog and slush puppie representative alike, we just could not keep a straight face. I never posted the pictures, and haven't been back to that store since, but while I was at the dentist today I heard an ad on the radio for a free raffle at the gun show for a breast augmentation, and I took a picture of a very similar billboard that very day a few years ago, so I just had to post these for a laugh.

Oh and I thought I'd throw in some Taylor posing by things pictures, just for good measure. Matt is going to be so horrified by how much extra padding and painty old clothes he has on in this picture, he's since lost a bunch of weight, bought a whole spiffy wardrobe, and moved to NYC part time. The 2nd picture is from one of my favorite shows at CAMSTL of a bunch of shiny and sparkly shit from Olivier Mosset and John Armleader, and the last is in our (then much messier, pre Jessica organizational heydays) White Flag office when Taylor presented me with my 22nd birthday gifts.

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