Monday, March 28, 2011

Doehands' first typographic animation

I made this last week and did more to it today because I had extra time between Thursday's critique and tomorrow's leftover group (which I fall into) so I couldn't resist posting it before I turn it into my Text and Image class tomorrow. I am happy with the way that it turned out but I am never really ever excited about the critique and explaining of concepts part. Our teacher and visiting artist T8 (that's how I like to write his name, not him) is in a group show at Snowflake Gallery on Cherokee St and it's a pretty rad show if you get the chance to see it. Our whole class is organizing a show at Los Caminos (my friend Cole's apartment where he curates shows with our other friend Francesca, they do a great job) on April 23rd that I'm sure I'll get more excited about participating in as it gets closer. I already have tickets to see Lightning Bolt at the Luminary Arts Center that night, a friend of mine from high school will be in town that weekend, and my friend Paul gets back from the Ukraine that also so hopefully everything works out smoothly even though I have so much going on that weekend. I wonder if I made something animated like this for the show how I'd get to display it. Details, details. Sigh.

Do you guys like it?


I put this little animated gif together from a set of photos taken of Cole, Joe from Flo, and Lee for the Todo brothers' sweet mother Pam for an Xmas present, shot by the lovely and talented Ann K. Hubbard.

Three Pics for Fran and Taylor

via [HERE]
via [HERE]
Because these three images make me think of my girls Taylor and Fran.

I WOULD have that day with you again!

I really like this and I want to make one of my own! via [HERE]


Beautiful illustration by Mina Bach via [HERE]
Here's a video I meant to post yesterday of her on this great funny looking 80's oldies show video. I had a great time at her show and I hope she comes back to Blueberry Hill again several times a year, she is such a joy and a treat and a really entertaining storyteller and a powerhouse at 73 she's still the Queen of Rock!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Torturing Chilton

I couldn't help but crack up so hard because Anya was telling me about the pissed off faces he was making at me dangling him in a way that he could not bite me but also took a while to squirm out of my teasing hold, so Anya had to take pictures.

Best Response Ever

Yesterday at the oyster festival or whatever at the Schlafly Taproom I went to the bathroom and Jake and Jeff took my phone off the table and confused a lot of my friends with short charming incomplete sentence text messages like "Vaginas" and "mmm hot dogs." and this gem to one of my bosses at white flag, which would be embarrassing if we all hadn't known one another for years and regularly make pretty blue jokes at one another, so I was very pleased that he responded with a picture of a salad bar with a sign that says "tossed salad". Good job, Matt.

Giant Birthday Jenga

Julie had her birthday and we played giant jenga at this bar next to Jake's lofts building, which I hope is a birthday standard for any of us now, I'm totally going to play giant jenga with them around my birthday too! I knocked it over a few times, once when it was not even my turn, and Jake and Jeff and Tad kept doing sexy dances around Julie's laughing munchkin head when she would get low to pull a jenga block, it was hilarious. Julie's the same age as my older sister, and she's just as sweet, supportive, hilarious, and lovable as my sister Caryn, so it helps to use her as a big sister that's closer than all the way in Reno. She also keeps me from doing anything too stupid sometimes, which is also an excellent quality in a surrogate sister. Happy Birthday and four cheers to good friends!

Snowy Quiet Street From A Different View

I still can't believe It SNOWED so much this late in March! Most of it melted but gee whiz! I even got to have the most fun snowball fight ever, no one even did monkey in the middle or stole my gloves or whitewashed snow in my face or any of the mean things my friend's older brothers and their friends used to do to us as kids in the winter in Reno. It was awesome except the part where Jeff lost his iPhone in the snow and we all looked for it for blocks and blocks to no avail.
When I got home last night I heard some noise upstairs and remembered that my upstairs catty-corner neighbor Madalyn was having a dance party, so I hopped on up the stairs and danced with my neighbors and then we stayed up too late complaining about our rent increase.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Snowy White

It snowed today and my friend Piper Williamson at the Salon Lofts fixed my roots and gave me such a cute haircut! I can't believe my hair's gotten pretty long! I might bug her in a few weeks to trim my bangs! I think I like how she styled it so much that if I can make myself look this cute with the white blonde, I might keep it for a week or so til I use the awesome hair dye she got me more of that I use at home, but bleaching, toning, and cutting is left to my friendly neighborhood salon professional for a reason! I wish she could style my hair every morning!

This was the face I MEANT to make AKA I must stop making this face in pictures

This morning I was catching up on pretty much my favorite blog ever: --which I like to put off going to for a long while so there are more brilliantly hilarious musings and captioning for me to read when I do get around to checking it--and low and behold, yesterday's image was the face I meant to make in the picture my friend Jeff posted on his Super Happy Funtime Blog with the embarrassing caption of "Love Birds?" on Saturday night, which I've added a lovely drawing for my mother's fridge to help her diet so she loses her appetite every time she reaches for food (wow, what an excellent excuse to use for telling dirty jokes on my blog! I think I'll make a "diet tips for my parents" tag so I can just let loose! Jk!) but really to deter myself from continually making this face in pictures. We went to this horrible bar with a cartoon pepper mascot and a mixed shots list that was so long it could be mistaken for that wallpaper trim people put just below their crown moulding so we could meet up with Jake's brother.

Jeff and Jake's friend Will was in town from I forget where for his spring break, and at some point just was ruthlessly hitting on me, showing me his belly button and telling me not to laugh and I could not keep a straight face because there was no way anyone could safely assume that I would take the bait, even just for the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm a good six inches taller, and anyone that knows me well knows that my back hurts too much to stick around for long if I'm made to be the little spoon to someone with a shorter spine than me. I would make jokes about my "type" but that's someone else's job, I hate being pigeonholed with labels, and I hate giving away the answers. I have no idea if he was serious about the relentless shower of affection or not, but it was making everyone laugh and have a great time on a rainy, rainy night so I guess that's cool, except that in this other picture Jeff took where we are taking a break from dancing to pose, his chin is definitely on one of my boobs. You have to earn that privilege, but I guess being at eye level it'd be unfair to place blame. Let's all laugh together so that next time this sort of thing happens and my friends aren't Assholes who won't do what a brother, cousin, boyfriend, or anyone who REALLY loves me would do and RESCUE me or tell a dude to cool his jets, my lean is more severe and I try to look less excited. Cheers! TGIF! HLD

This Reminded Me of That: Hahaha acne.

This text message my good friend Anya sent me the other day reminds me of this one time I was 19 or 20 and my cousin Marden invited me to party with his entire dorm floor (where most of the booze got confiscated no less than a minute before we got into their elevator (and my friend Jess managed to get into a "you ignorant freshman frat rat" yelling match/argument with one of his unsuspecting suite-mates) after returning from the most embarrassing grocery store moment I've ever had, where a 19 yr old me spent all my being's energy pretending not to be associated with the three clearly 18 year old boys going through the checkout line in front of me, trying to buy a SHOPPING CART full of enough 30 pack beer cases to overfill the giant cart (I think maybe the yelling match was over their choice in coors light and the politics of the company that owns them, come to think of it now) and several handles of various haphazard liquors. NO mixers. Yup. The RA or whoever it was that made off with confiscating their contraband booty--save for letting them keep one of the coors light 30 can packs of beer--clearly went and had quite a party of their own for free that weekend.

Here's a little background on why this made me think of that. Anya and Marden actually graduated high school in the same class, and then from a much larger class of college with my good ol Ksteg. He is responsible for giving me my family nickname of Feather or "That Feathergirl with the blue dress at Grandma Reilly's House" when at the 1990 Reilly Family Reunion apparently I bit him or something else evil that I got away with as a 4 year old. My Aunt Nancy is the only family member besides my younger brother that will confirm that She recognized my evil bitch streak (my mom's reaction to telling her this: "you were TWO!") if you get her drunk and talk about awesome rock concerts she went to in the 70s, but please do not get into a fight with her over how she partied at the legendary (and apparently controversial) Pruitt Igoe like one of my (former architect) professors/family friends did one year at the annual Wild Turkey Party the evening before Thanksgiving ...that was a hard one to diffuse.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vernor Panton chair striptease sequence desktop wallpaper

[Via] (I find it interesting that my Vernor Panton image search brought me to the site of another St Louis resident! I've actually never met him but I like his work and my old boyfriend used to teach his kids when they were in preschool and I'd volunteer in the classroom on pretty much a weekly basis)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pillow Talk with Ollie

Yesterday at Taylor's

All my friends are going to want this

Whether they use it for bike polo or for the purpose shown in the photo, although anyone who rides and drinks beer responsibly knows it's better to carry cans, glass might get you some suspicious glares from cyclists worried about broken glass on their tires.
Anya sent me this via

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Raincoats - Pretty

I rememeber this moment in 10 Things I Hate About You where they get mentioned (see at about 4:30 in this video) and I think that's how I even found out about them, so that's funny. Today another girl band came up when I was talking with my friend Liz and I thought to look up this song and just felt like posting it.

Cool nails Jeff and Taylor emailed me

I don't think I'll be attempting the rock album covers one in such great detail, (except I really like the Dark Side of The Moon one) but I'd totally rock the last 2 like it was no big thang.

Rainbow Lips

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Deer Video for Matta's "Release the Freq"

Lots of Deer and Nature and Designy looking neatness going on, I have a few other friends in mind that are going to LOVE this! I don't even know what I think of the song yet but I love the video, and I couldn't resist posting a few stills from it.

Matta - Release The Freq from Kim Holm on Vimeo.


So I saw this promo tonight on Cartoon Network, and got super happy for our friends Paper Rad because now everyone gets to watch how cool they are on TV! Problem Solverz will air on Mondays in April!

Here's a little something longer that they posted to YouTube:

I guess it should be mentioned that this is different from the first version of the Problem Solvers (video example below) which I got on DVD when I last ran into or hung out with Jacob (who was there with David Kidney for their project Extreme Animals) in 2008 at SXSW, when we had a blast with Brian Gibson and Rich of Wizzards and some other people. I am not sure if I ever posted the pictures because I think I didn't start my blog until a few months after that, but they're not on this computer anyways.

Anyways, I recently lent out this special DVD to my friend Joe W who has not watched it yet! Below is that version, it's a little trippier and low pro and I dunno, just a little older I guess. It's very cool to see them enjoy so much success and exposure in so many different ways! I hope things are going well for all of them, it seems like a really long time ago since the 2 times they came through STL on tour and performed in Michael and my basement venue at the time, Spooky Action Palace. I still am a little bummed that T Bubbles character isn't in the new Z instead of S version, you'll see why when you watch the video, because it makes total sense that I'd like a character with a troll cell phone.

Here's an original Problem Solvers (with an S, not a Z) BIKE RIDE video with sweet jam as a final word and bonus:

Auto Ink Tattoo Machine

It's an art piece by San Jose, CA based artist Chris Eckert, I thought the concept and video are cool enough to post for sure! I like that it looks like a printing press!

Fascinating and Award Winning Animation Inspired by Ishihara Color Blind Tests

found via [HERE]

Awesome Art and Fashion Blog

I found this blog that just posts a picture of a piece of art next to a piece of fashion that looks like one could be inspired by the other. Basically it's super rad and you'll see cool stuff with connections between the two industries I bet, and everything is really visually interesting if you're only interested in one or the other industry. Here are some examples, we'll start with the artist featured in my last post:
Costume Dept - Kevin Francis Gray

christopher kane - jeffrey meyer aka goofbutton

alex & chloe - eva beierheimer


The beautiful sculptures of Kevin Francis Gray


I want someone to tell me who designed this chair!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

He does this every time I get home

It's nice to have something that loves you so much to come home to. Whatever countertop surface is nearby, Chilton comes and hops up on it and waits for me to tap just below my collarbones with both hands before he can climb up on me to say hi and hug, or if I'm doing things and not taking time to snuggle sometimes he just hops up onto me and bullies me into snuggles and hugs. It's pretty hilarious when I'm trying to do something like take off my makeup and brush my teeth before bed.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Basically I'm the best sister ever

No offense to our half sister Caryn, who is also a good gift giver, but I got my brother Ryan (who turns 23 today) these 2 books, one on skateboard photography in CA in the 60s and 70s by Hugh Holland, and the other on surf photography by Leroy Grimes of the same era and region. I hope they inspire some great photoshoots for him! I suck at Xmas gifts, but I love me some birthdays!
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