Saturday, April 30, 2011

I can't stop eating hot dogs.

I had 1 1/2 last night and today I ordered 2 crazy ones and a veggie dog (so Taylor can taste it too)...what is wrong with me?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Matt Dale fell and carried his bike right into a camouflaged pond

It was very dark in a backyard going away party Paul took us to where people are watching Clue the movie and there was a hidden square manmade pond covered in greenery that blended in with the surrounding grass and patio and poor matt just walked right into it while trying to lean his bike up against a bush and it all happened so fast, it looked like he was in quicksand! He is such a trooper about it and his pregnant wife is going to think he smells horrible.

*UPDATE* Here's a pic our friend Jake took of the pond and Matt with it afterward:
Doesn't it look like mud or a planter? It definitely does NOT look like a pond that's waist deep, that's for sure.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I was thinking of getting my mom this for mothers' day

Just kidding, I just wanted to horrify her and make her question if I actually thought she was into old lady garden gnome sculptures with her favorite baseball teams on them!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Come to this tonight, I have art in it!

At Los Caminos 2649 Cherokee St, STL, MO! Also, if you notice, my name is totally spelled all kinds of wrong. My friend Morgan who I helped make this flyer was like "uh you were the last person to look at it before I mailed it to print, so..." woops. I was hungry and in a hurry to meet my friend Worful for a bite at blueberry hill.

Try untangling string with a cat around

It's really counter productive.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cat Art Party

This is pretty much how my last two weeks have been like, it's either this or my computer, but it's been at least 2 nights a week where I stayed up so late that when I finally slept it could only be called a nap. Chilton's been a good little work buddy, but OnDemand, TiVo, and Cheez-its have been a godsend. I have to finish this so I can hang this for Saturday's show I wasnt going to tell anyone I'm in but now that I like what I'm making I want everyone to see! I also want to get this done and hung so I can go see Vivian Girls and The Black Lips tomorrow night at The Firebird!!!! More about both shows later.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My cat moves on the full moon fiasco this past Sunday

This picture is pretty funny. If you can't tell, I'm dressed as a kitty in a black long-sleeved skirted leotard that was my grandma's for roller skate dancing, a white bowtie, pink silky fingerless gloves, pink high top chucks, a black sequined motorcycle jacket, and tights with cats with laser red rhinestone eyes on the calves...all of which I had already. The cat eared hat is from Retro 101 on Cherokee St, they carried it around Halloween and I knew I'd use it more than just for handing out candy with Anya and her mom. When my riding companion, neighbor, and friend Liz came over before we rode to meet up with Jeff and Julie, she hung out on my porch for a minute while I put shoes (& whiskers) on and she said it was extra funny when I came out dressed as a cat because my 2 cats were hanging out meowing at her in the window and then two orange outdoor cats from around our neighborhood had been around the porch and so it was extra cat party time. Pretty funny, I almost feel like I was perpetuating a stereotype of myself since I seem to blog about cats so much, but I kinda just went with it and I had a great time! I'm bummed I forgot to get a picture with my new friend Nathan where I would act scared of him dressed up in fox ears and a really rad and toothy wolf mask he made out of cardbord...that would have been way more interesting than the picture we are just standing in the background of. Whatevs, it might've gotten us more inquiries as to whether or not we were furries, so maybe it was good I forgot I wanted to stage that picture. Hm. More pictures from the ride to come!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Leftover cat costume makeup I woke up with

You know it was a good full moon fiasco ride with the FBC when I wake up a little after 10 all by myself in a pile of crumbs of pepper jack cheez-its with cat whiskers from last night's costume smeared on my face. Liz and I were only planning on staying on the portion where we went up in the Compton Hill Water Tower and see how we felt from there, and we definitely were feeling up for dancing to sweet old songs DJ Trashley Vulture was spinning and I knew all the words to most of the songs, so it was extra fun. Even after I'd sat down for a rest, I had to get up and dance along to Ben Smith leading a bunch of boys kind of slow drag moshing (actually that doesn't seem like the best's more like this jellyfish like sea creature that connects to make a bigger organism made up of small parts that flits and floats on the surface of the ocean, picking up others just like it along the way to join the chain and float together...I forget exactly what it's called, but it was more like that) come on the dance floor and enjoy "Here Comes The Summer" by The Undertones and then "Halloween" by The Misfits, both of which I definitely listened to a lot in my car on my first iPod while driving my brother and myself to summer school in The Newport-Mesa Unified School District. This is only notable because we went to two different high schools, but the summer was always fun because we'd get to go to school together in my marlin blue new beetle and drive with no parents and listen to what WE wanted to listen to, which was mostly The Misfits, really loud, in the sunshine. Here comes the summer, indeed.

Midnight view from Compton Hill Water Tower on Grand Ave & hwy 44

They're going to be open every full moon from about sunset til midnight or so if tonight is any indication that their experiment to stay open late on a full moon was a success!

 Here's the view from the top of the tower at night time:

Here's a poster I illustrated of the Compton Hill Water Tower as part of a series of South St Louis architectural landmarks that I did last year...the white background got a little screwy from this file but all the smaller versions I had saved were all flattened out, so it seemed like more work than I had time for right now to fix that background with no layers just to post on the blog...I'll fix it later:

The Cuteness Never Ends

Here's me with a cute puppy owned by an italian girl with a thick accent that I met in the Compton Hill Water Tower on the full pink moon while I was there with the FBC on our annual Aprilween full moon fiasco bike ride. I'd never been up there even though I'd drawn a picture of it (link later) but it was awesome and magical!!! Great night!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My nails right now in my new spokes

There are about 5 colors and lotsa tiny brushes involved, and it's lasted me a few weeks now it seems.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

APOP RECORDS is the FREE FUN place to be on Thursday and Saturday!

THURSDAY 4/14 (tomorrow) they're showing some awesome crazy short animations (including my personal favorite, Norman McLaren!) from 9pm-11pm, I'm totally going to go before my bowling league!

SATURDAY 4/16 is Record Store Store Day, a great national holiday that you should party down during, if not at Apop, then at another one of our fair city's fine independent record stores! If you're in another city, but want to partake in the festivities, RECORD STORE DAY'S WEBSITE can show you where to celebrate. I know Jim Utz and all my friends that work over at Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop have a MEAN lineup of live acts and exclusive RSD specials listed on their site (quick, someone buy me that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts LP on CLEAR!) and for some reason I've always been partial to memories of my Mexican cousins forcing me to watch 'The Pest' over and over so I may just have to mosey on down to the loop if I have time, because John Leguizamo is doing some sort of signing for some DVD that he's on, and how cool would it be to get a picture with him?

This is an exciting holiday, if you couldn't already tell. There is an Record Store Day standard usually consisting of, but not limited to: live music, DJs, beer, discounts, prizes, and generally all sorts of fun stuff at any given participating store, so FIND ONE NEAR YOU ALREADY!

I'll be down at Apop and maybe VV when I get off work at White Flag after 5ish on Saturday. Oh yeah, and my friends Ann K. Hubbard and RØB the Pancake Master went down to Apop last year and set up a nice Fauxto Booth last year (awesome background and props as per Photómaton reputation and standards) and are rumored to be maybe setting up another one this year at Apop again, so I'll end by showing you some of the awesome fun pics they snapped last year, people had so much fun with the clicker that Ann uploaded SIXTY pages on her smug mug account, and that's even after going through and editing them to delete pics where someone's got mid sneeze or generally looking like a hot mess!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Lectures/slideshows, impending tours/reviews, and a timeline of goalz hopes and dreamz...

At this year's STL AIGA student conference I went to see a talk given by Scott Matthews of XPLANE that was basically an expansion of this blog entry he'd posted on the xBlog, guidelining some DOs & DON'Ts to job-seeking designers. You can read the entry [HERE] and get a basic idea of how the talk went, it was pretty informative and I got to ask some really great questions and think about the job application process from another perspective. I took really good notes and had been meaning to post them but hadn't found the appropriate time to mention it. Now seems like as good a time as any, because my Professional Practice in Graphic Design class is going to tour their St Louis office and get our portfolios reviewed by the staff there. Tomorrow night I have class with my teacher that works there, so I'll at least get to ask him if he knows we're coming in on Thursday.

At the beginning of his talk, he had us take these large blank note cards and draw a timeline. He had us designate the dot on the left as that day, and the dot on the right as our ultimate goal as far as we could see in the future. He told us to hold on to them, rather than collecting them from us, but expressed that he'd be interested to see what kinds of things we were writing down, since most all of us in the room (excepting a few teachers) were in our early 20s. One or two girls read their cards out loud and I thought they were kind of missing a lot of detail or holding unrealistic lapses of time between the steps they thought would be involved in the development of their career as a designer/illustrator/whatever other kinds of students were at this conference in this room, or underestimating just how much work it takes to do something like "own my own agency" but I guess it was good that it got everyone inspired and thinking big.

Below is a picture I took of mine. I'll say that I was trying to keep it realistic but still dream big, vague but specific to me, and the bubbles that span the entire card represent things that are consistent or long term goals that get developed and maintained over long periods of time, or may happen more than once in one's life. Oh yeah, and keep a sense of humor about myself, because I know we all get distracted or discouraged at times in our lives, so I wanted to account for that too while still keeping it light, because we all know that things like "learn how to learn & recover quickly from failures" and "work for/with people I like & respect & allow me to be 'heard' & understood" aren't really time specific ventures, we take them as they come.

Phew, that leaves me feeling pretty vulnerable posting that for everyone to see! To close on an awesome note, I wanted to share this video that XPLANE posted around Valentine's Day in another xBlog entry. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I remember feeling really weird about myself when he advised us all against associating our work/selves with pictures or illustrations or something or another having to do with your cousin's neighbor's cute cat (I'm stretching this a bit because I can't remember exactly what he'd said about it but the general sentiment was definitely 'don't put cats in your portfolio, it will bore everyone to tears') since everyone I know pretty much picks on me for blogging so much about my cats or cat videos or whatever. Here's the rad video I was talking about.

A love letter to Designers from XPLANE on Vimeo.
Cross your fingers for me that our tour/portfolio review goes awesome and I somehow magically get invited to go to  one or more of their visual thinking school sessions because I've wanted to go to one of those for like 4 years or something now, and it seems like either it's employee specific or invite only.

This cool vacant building in my neighborhood

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Cute Kid Doing a Wheelie on a pedal tractor

Happy Friday, Everyone. This will definitely make you smile. Noww, I'm going to meet Taylor at Handlebar for some Pizza.

All this from a white castle late night crave

Earlier tonight I remembered there is a white castle on my way home that I actually once picked up the only friends from high school in the OC who've ever visited me (besides last year's LDR Alex) Nick W and Amy (now requesting to be called "Charlie") from when they were building rafts and hopping trains and like, joining the goddamn anarchist gypsy circus 25 years too late on the wrong continent or something... this white castle (also near a building that once contained the salt factory where my mom had a job at in the 70's and saw her car get broken into and stolen out her office window but couldn't do anything about it but watch it happen and call the cops) is where I picked up Amy/Charlie and Nick W's big wiry bearded stinky soot from coal train covered asses from at 2 in the morning. It's ok, I was out dancing anyways.

I wish I had a camera then, Amy took some great pics of their shanty river town (some of which I've actually posted before) but I wanted to take a pic of them all grimy bc they were like "everyone was looking at us bc we are so WEIRD!" and I was thinking like "uh no it's bc you are covered in blackface from the coal train and you smell like a jam band." 

The next morning they woke up on my comfy futon in my apartment in my beautiful south city neighborhood next to a huge awesome park and a top notch botanical garden and they were all like "where are all the 'young people'? Do you know of any mandolin repair places?" and I was thinking to myself, "Uh, first of all, you sound like me when I moved here and famously asked my schoolmates Kate and Eugene, 'is there a juice bar or smoothie place within walking distance of here?' and after a minute of 'are you serious?' blank stares and subsequently several minutes (and years) of ridiculing laughter, caught their breath and said, 'oh honey, that's real cute but you're not in CA anymore.'" I finally realized why Kate and Eugene still talked about this incident and sort of went, "Oh, you mean you want me to drop you off at the anarchist commune type house here? I'll take you to the bolozone house near Cherokee street, I know my friends that live there will let travelers stay!" 

So since they were kind of acting like hanging out and visiting with me wasn't cool enough, and my then boyfriend was being a big baby about my unexpected guests dropping in to stay with me with so little notice, (even though he had his own goddamn house and could've just been like, "see you this weekend, I've got a lot of work to do this week and can't party with guests!") dropped em off and kind of let them be until further notice. Don't worry, I'd already been given a lesson in what "freegans" were and Anya and I made them a beautiful and delicious vegan pesto from her parents' organic basil backyard coop crop (complete with impromptu but effective extra salt and nutritional yeast as a better-than-it-sounds Parmesan cheese substitute) with gnocchi and asparagus, and some sort of rad gourmet vegan mini cupcakes Anya was really into baking at the time, so I'm not an asshole, I promise. I was an excellent host, they were just looking for more adventure than my quiet neighborhood, which is not all that quiet if you go about a football field in ANY direction. Or it's a scary quiet, like a lot of industrial spaces 'available for rent' ie abandoned. Either way it's not really warranting of bad guesttiquette and a demand for something more their scene. So I dropped them at bolozone and told them to tell Ralph and Jason H-Teeth hello and drove off a little bit annoyed that I wasn't cool enough for my own old friends. Keep in mind this is still only about a half hour walk or ten minute bike ride from my apartment, so if they wanted to come back, they could just make the call or walk on over and knock on my door.

Then they found out they were kind of in (what was at the time) a ghettoish neighborhood and walking the house dog meant black people were verbally scared of the dog or wanted to steal it for pit bull fighting rings, and getting lost was a real scary experience. This is the part of the story where you gasp in shock and cover your mouth because Amy got assaulted (with a hammer in an alley apparently, I didn't learn untilYEARS LATER via my friend Lara) by a really bad guy that was attacking women pedestrians in South City until my friend Lindsay (or is it Lindsey...I should be more sensitive about this spelling issue since she and I were also mistaken for one another more than a few times back then, since we are both tall, thin, bright eyed smiley loquacious Geminis and we both had short dishwater blonde hair) got attacked but fought off and gave a successful description of the perp and got the fucker caught and incarcerated. 

Amy (wanting to be called charlie) left without saying goodbye (understandably after I learned what had happened to her) and Nick stayed for a bit longer and his gf at the time Vanessa came to join him and then I picked them up from Bolo and met their friend from Santa Cruz (that ended up later moving to STL for a while off and on and lending me and acclimating me to my first turquoise road bike--the Lotus...still Japanese; how I like my wheels to be--and sort of moving away bc of some sort of north city urban farming off the grid squatting gentrification confusion going on that had him running from the cops more often than anyone would like) and I took Nick W and Vanessa up in the good ol gateway arch and museum of westward expansion with Vanessa's family's military discount to any and all national monuments, and then directed both to respective bus and metrolink connections to the STL airport a few mornings later. I didn't run into any of them until I ran into Nick at a basement/cellar level OC restaurant/bar/venue called la cave when Mariah and I first saw one another after alex invited me to one of the surf band's shows two Xmases ago. 

I except Konstantin from this "not running into them until years later" thing because he ended up staying in STL for a while and became my friend that I'd drive around to places like trader joes and REI to dumpster dive and would wait in the car around the corner because even though I did not mind that HE did it, I was not going to be caught doing something like that at a national chain in a neighborhood that's nice enough for the cops to be bored enough to really come down on that kind of behavior...although I guess the cops didn't appreciate that kinda behavior in super ghetto hood north St Louis either as I mentioned before...but eventually STL gave Konstantin enough unintended legal trouble to stay away for possibly a lifetime and I haven't heard from him in a while, which is very surprising since we are both very well versed in the Internet. Maybe I'll track him down and see if he's still riding his bike by abandoned lots throwing water balloons filled with seed bombs to sprout neighborhood beautifying indigenous plants and low maintenance veggies or if he became an extra on IFC's Portlandia or something. 

Did I mention how snug I am in bed with my pulled pork slider, cheeseburger slider, sweet potato fries, 3 mozzarella sticks, and bottle of water in bed watching an episode of Portlandia? It's been a long day, I probably needed the late night junk food binge decision. They fucking forgot my pulled pork slider.  I knew they seemed drunk when they forgot that they were fetching my order and started ringing my car up for the next car's order. Lame. I'm checking my receipt tomorrow.

Oh, PS- Later this month another friend from high school is coming to visit St Louis for a weekend. He and I got "most unique" together in our senior superlatives in the yearbook, leaning up against a cactus mural and looking pensive in a Scarface tee, as shown below. If you notice, they spelled my middle name wrong but whatever, people do that all the time and it's my own goddamn fault for not just going by Heather all the time. I wish I still had those pants, they were my favorite. I washed and wore those pink converse from the pic the other day. Also, that belt was made for Jesse James by an inappropriately older male friend of mine at the time but was too small for him so I got it and it says FUCK YOU on it so they scribbled that part out with a sharpie. This is why I have a tag on my blog that says "you were SO punk once"

I think it is actually kind of cool that I got this superlative even though people were weirdly scrambling to the point of kind of campaigning for whatever title they wanted you to vote for, like no joke, "Who are you putting for 'Stuck in the 70s'? You're putting me, right? I haven't been wearing this leather headband for a full week before the superlative voting sheet came out just so you wouldn't put me down for that one!" and I'd be like "Uh, but don't you know about 77 punk? I'm way 77." (just kidding I didn't do that, but I did say that's what kind of punk I like) but my friend Kellee was vying hard for everyone to vote her most unique, and I wasn't doing anything and I still got it.

Also a fun fact: the girl above John's senior portrait was the same girl that was in my art class and on "senior skip day" (which I attended to be unassuming from all the fake notes I was writing to get out of class on regular days for things like awesome concerts in LA or who knows whatever else I was up to in secret...I know better than to blatantly skip on a day where the adults are all making a big fuss about specifically not skipping that day) came to school to ask for directions to Tijuana, Mexico. I'll give you a hint at how easy those directions take a freeway that has an entry about a mile and a half away from out high school, and then you take that south until you get across the border. Then you buy butterfly knives and fireworks and drink at señor frog's and buy cheap shit like silver and velvet elvis paintings and whatever illegal human growth hormone your parents asked you to buy. I've never even been to TJ before and I know this drill.

Another fun fact...the Stefanie right above other Stephanie was on this VH1 reality series called "I Want to Work for Diddy" and reached the final 3, only to accidentally racially offend Puffy in the final episode (it's a little tongue in cheek only because she and I were in the same school group called TAP, which stood for Tolerance Among People) and be the only one out of the final three not to be asked to join the sean jean empire as an employee. He didn't look very fun to work for anyways, and he kept talking about how being his employee looked super good on a resume, implying that he might actually know something about how awful it looks for him to boss people around. Alright, I'm going back to sleep.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TJ with my new pink tires!!!!!

They are so strong and TJ is getting skinnier every time he brings me new bike parts! So if you need awesome bike parts or maintenance or someone to call you an awesome babe while you ride bikes and you talk about cute puppies and watch him bowl like Fred Flinstone with twinkle toes and wink at you and other awesome stuff, then you probably should make friends with TJ. He's going to be manager of the new Trek Bicycle Store, opening pretty soon in Arnold, MO, which I'm not sure if it's closer to the city than the west county location he currently works at, but either way I'm so excited for his promotion and he deserves it!

Joe W workin on my bike!

It's getting pretty close to being finished! I drove over the river and I was supposed to meet his "bike shop boyfriend" Justin, but he got sick and so Joe and I just rode bikes and ate dinner without him. Speaking of bike shop boyfriends, TJ just gave me my PINK KEVLAR TIRES about 5 minutes ago at our bowling league night at Saratoga Lanes. I'm pretty sure they are going to give my bike super powers. Joe was surprised that this picture "turned out actually pretty good" but I told him, "hey, you take good pictures of me, I gotta take good pictures of you! That's how it works!" (Eat your heart out, Robin Utz) Of course I also took some pictures of my sweet nail polish job this week next to my bike, but I'll post those next, this one's dedicated to Joe!

Visiting Taylor at Work

My professional practice in graphic design class got to visit and tour Arcturis downtown last week, so I had to be a huge dork and take embarrassing pictures of her working at her desk. It was also opening day for cardinals baseball, so traffic and parking were both super hectic, but it was really neat to see a lot of the projects they work on and ask her coworkers a bunch of questions and see their really awesome facilities!
Ps- That's a fitz's soda she's drinking, not a beer at 3 PM.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mariah Dopplegangers and professions of love

My friend Mariah's 24th Bday is coming up. Pretty much from the moment we met we started text messaging pictures of our nail polish and the latest design project we're working on and emailing one another some sort of typographic illustrative photoshop tutorial or teaching one another how to do something the other one learned or critiquing the other's work, giving one another inspiration or suggestions for starting/finishing points, or just playing around with our magical cats and records and video games or cleaning out my mother's garage or wearing out my welcome on her and Bobby's couch, dyeing our hair different colors while eating too much In-N-Out Burger and spooning his sister. It's a match made in heaven, we are both so grateful for one another's friendship and love and support. I don't think it's possible for us to bruise one another's egos even when being completely brutally honest, because we both know we believe in each other's talent and success. We're like a goddamn Lisa Frank Dolphin Unicorn yin yang (see my awesome predictive abilities at the bottom of this entry in the cake I made) or something. These two pictures I came across and thought looked enough like her for me to go "Woah Mariah Dop!"... The 2nd girl is my facebook friend Lilly, the first girl I got off of some college lesbian girlfriend's tumblr blogs that link to one another.

My fb friend (who I'm still not sure I've ever met IRL but she was nice and sent me a personal message about liking my pastel colored hair and we had like 50 friends in common so I accepted) Lilly, who only reminds me of Mariah in this pic because she's pale and has blue hurr
Now for THE fabulous Mariah Kenyon shown below with me:
Mariah and I at our friend's bday in June 2010 in LBC, CA
We have been super love at first sight and she knew my brother in high school but we never met and become the best of friends (despite sharing a really good friend in common!) till I already moved so far away etc etc etc since we met last year through this craft beer sipping surf guitar playing mistake I fell head over heels over lose my brain fly home to CA a bunch of times even though he turned out to be a not so worth it make me feel bad about myself jerk though he inexplicably comes from a totally sweet family kind of guy (TMI? I don't care- it's my blog, not yours and dude was not as nice to me as I deserve) and Mariah and her years-long sweetheart Bobby are what I like to call my consolation prizes from that bad idea of an LDR. We all have to do it to learn that it's not what we actually want. Plus I got to hang out with my family and Mariah a lot last year, so it was probably a little bit worth it anyways.

So, her bday is coming up and I gotta figure out what I'm gonna be sending her. At the very bottom I've posted a pic of the cake I'm so proud of that I made for her 23rd bday party last year, where I met the lovely and giggly Faye Reagan and Coco Velvett (I will link to their twitters and YOU can figure out what NSFW industry they're in because I am not linking to anything they've starred in, Coco is basically Mariah's sister in law so we like to keep it as SFW around here for her--and my mom--as possible) and I'm still kicking myself for not taking a photo op with the two because they were wearing matching silky leopard print romper shorts outfits in different colors and for some reason I'm fixated on that outfit combo.

And now, more of my lovely Mariah:

Photo by Amanda Knost

Photo of Mariah and I record shopping by my brother Ryan Donahue

The several times aforementioned cake... HAPPY [EARLY] 24th BDAY MARIAH! I LOVE YOU!

PHOTOSHOP ETIQUETTE aka a really cool site if you've ever wanted to know how to design for the web

Think of this as kind of a "What Not to Wear" for Photoshop and Web. Insanely awesome tips that took me years of learning and tinkering, all in one place, all for free, with little screen shots to show you where these things exist in the menus and even some examples of the no-nos too. Maybe this will solve some miscommunications between web developers and designers....which I've also conveniently found some web comic humor about recently. Thanks to my friend Mariah for sending this along!

Hanging out with folded laundry and tv

Working on endless projects and Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash/depends-on-the-day documents in bed and Chilton is doing his chilling out stretched as far as he can, taking up the whole bed like he's some sort of large breed dog. I'm jealous of the easy catnap ability right now. I wish I had more episodes of quality shows to watch on my TiVo while I work late on stuff, and hope I can be swimmingly productive when I get up in the morning because my project load requires more time than exists in my deadlines. Story of my life!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday Beer and Cookies

On Friday I went over to Taylor's after some work happy hour she had me go along with her to and her awesome neighbor Karen brought this just over half full growler of some coffee vanilla stout that was a little flat and both syrupy and watery but somehow despite that sounding not so appealing I found it absolutely delicious with her homemade chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts. It kind of reminded me of when you get a coke float and all the ice cream is melted and so now you're drinking less carbonated creamy coca cola and then even though your tummy might still ache from eating most of that giant float in the first place, and you're on the verge of a sugar coma, you keep eating it. My mouth is watering thinking about both actually. Anyone want to take me out for any kind of float ever I'm into it. Root Beer, Coke, Orange Soda, Some delicious stout, I'm into it. Very into it.

Sunday SnoCones

I got tiger blood, bitch. My favorite flavor. I can't believe how beautiful it was yesterday, it's so gloom city today.
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