Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maybe moving the trash can WASN'T such a great idea...

Having cats is so fun sometimes, like when everything is a toy, and this new amusement happens to interfere directly with any privacy you have from your neighbors in the building...Hm. Guess I need to put the recycling bin and trash in reverse order...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Give it up one more time for the CAKES!

How good looking is this awesome shit? AMAZING!

These kids are going to a PROM at our HOtel

Taylor and I are totally exhausted from the wedding, but I think we are going to do some awesome people watching and secret picture taking in the lobby this evening. These Chicago kids are dressed to the NINES.

VOTE LOVE VETO HATE aka Baran Gondolfi wedding 2011

Look how simple and cool their campaign for love themed wedding is! We had a great time, the food was excellent, we made new friends, we loved meeting their families and friends we'd seen in pictures and heard about in stories, everything! Thanks to everyone who came and everyone that put it on or helped make it a success! More pictures to come of course! Just wait for the pictures I took of Galen towing Jessica in a rickshaw and running all the way from the church to the reception. It was certainly a good omen of a lasting marriage metaphor if I ever got to see one firsthand.

This is my favorite cake

After tasting everyone I know here's choice in cakes, including the 4 Taylor and I selected between us, I decided my favorite is this one that had the heart on top, that was pistachio flavored (and colored!) with HONEY butter creme like frosting! Kevin Harris looks like a matching pee wee Herman to this cake walk! What a great party!

This wedding has 13 cakes

Well, 12 and a half, but Galen has had this painting for a long time (it's been featured on and Jessica found a baker to recreate all the cakes near where their wedding is going on (right now!) at the Gary Aquatorium in Gary, Indiana on the shore of the dunes and it looks like a beautiful concrete/granite greco roman temple and there's a piano and Jessica looks beautiful and they look happy and all the speeches made me cry. VOTE LOVE VETO HATE 2011!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Someone has a temper...

Both cats were squirmy when I made them sit with me in a chair in the basement to wait out the tornado warnings, but brak eventually calmed down and sat still in fear like me, but Chilton thought it'd be more effective to howl and growl and complain and hiss at me the whole time. And he was so sweet just a few posts ago!

Tornado warnings in STL city

Someone on the news reported wall black and green clouds on Germania and 55 so I booked it back to the basement with the kitties. Scary. I hope it passes.

Why I love Chilton

He is the best snuggler in the world, we are making tornado sirens less scary now. I turn 25 tomorrow and I don't really know what I'm doing, just that I won't be having a big celebration with all my friends until next weekend, which is how it's pretty much always been since everyone has memorial day weekend plans. I'm going to another wedding of people I love with Taylor, we booked a boutique hotel in Chicago for 2 nights and there is a wine reception and wifi throughout, so basically we are going to have a romantic weekend with out laptops in our king sized bed, which we got because I'm a bed hog. I can't wait. I'll take lots of pictures!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've been talking to a surprising amount of people who haven't seen this talking dog viral video, it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen I was definitely cry-laughing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad Behr

Ann's dog was acting funny for a minute and it reminded me of the guilty dog video.

Zonin in on my ham n cheese sandwich

Fatso loves the smell and taste of pretty much anything that involves bread (he's known to steal pizza out of the trash and chew through ziplocks full of gooey butter cookies) so I had to snap a pic of him thinking he could have some of my midnight snack. On the other side of the bed, Chilton is trying to huff the smell of my chocolate milk by sitting and staring at it. This is the kind of thing that makes pet ownership half hilarious and halfway miserable. Goodnight!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Taylor's teenage brother and her kitty fousse

Elliot is 17 and goes to college in the fall and i think he is starting to realize we aren't as much older than him than he used to think and maybe even is starting to think we are cool. I drove him back to Taylor's after we all went to the zoo to pet stingrays and he had something to say about all the songs that played on my iPod, his opinions on how small the college town is that he'll be going to, and his 78 (I think?) airhead BMW motorcycle. Hanging out with him made me miss hanging with my younger nephew who is turning 17 about a week after my birthday.

Taylor's birthday nails

I painted Taylor's nails grey for her birthday and then I painted them with a matte topcoat to make the color flat, and last I took a detail brush and dipped it in regular shiny topcoat and painted polka dots on one hand and stripes on the other. I told her I was inspired by things she likes, and The Kinks song "dedicated follower of fashion" where they sing "one week he's in polka dots, the next he is in stripes, cuz he's a dedicated follower of fashion" ...she drew that pattern on her drapes and I love them so I made her pose by them. We are celebrating with friends at the bleeding deacon this evening after 8, so if you find yourself there tonight, feel free to say hi and remember to say happy birthday. Ps I turn 25 this coming thursday on the 26th. I haven't made birthday plans yet because I'm going to Chicago that weekend for a wedding and I want to party the following weekend, so mark your calendar or let me know if it's bad.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Way to kill my dreams, friend.

Earlier today I spent About an hour on the phone with AT&T because my DSL Internet wasn't working and I guess my neighborhood has been converted to uverse and so I don't have Internet at home until at least Monday when they ship me the new modem. It better double as a wireless router or I'm gonna be PISSSED. The guy I talked to for so long was really nice and helpful at least, and I put him on speakerphone so I could see the awesome pics anchovy was texting me from his findings at the goodwill warehouse, so that makes it better. It's only a few days but I already miss my best friend the Internet.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A cat in glasses

Thank you to my friend liz e. for the link

OMG this made me cover my mouth i was so horrified

[reblog] When you see a cute boy on facebook...

and you go through their pictures like:
then you hit that one picture he has with a girl and you’re like:
so you rush desperately to his info section to see if he’s taken like:
and then you see this:

and you’re like:
 this hilariousness is originally via charminglyunhandy:


No, it's not from getting tackled by my friend's older brother and slapped on the belly until they relented...I got sunburned in strange patterns. My mom warned me, I wore baby sunscreen in some places, but I guess I stayed out in the sun too long bc my cousins and our childhood friends were making fun of how pale I am. I never learn that I'm clearly not supposed to be any other color.

You know, just doin my brother's homework on vacay

He's in an advertising class and his group project needed a pretty pie chart to show how their budget would be allocated so I made him one after he snapped some photos of a beer bottle with his fancy camera. I nearly quit when he said he wanted more options but I bit my tongue and made him two so his group will be happy. Oh Ps I still need to be someplace's graphics intern for this summer so if you know some place that will still accept applicants for this summer in St Louis please let me know.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


News flash to uncle Brian: raisin bran muffins are NOBODY'S favorite, even if they DO have honey.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New swimwear!!!

Yesterday my brother took me out to breakfast and then we went across the street to American Apparel (we don't have one in STL so it's cool when I actually get to try stuff on!!) and I immediately fell in love with these high waisted bottoms (since you might NEVER see a coin slot/plumber's crack in any pair of pants I own if I bent over, and I'm too pale to be concerned with tan lines anyway, plus the boy I'm dating has a perma t shirt tan from skateboarding and playing outside) and confusing as hell wraparound tops didn't COMPLETELY flatten me out on top so I went for it. When I couldn't decide between the two, My awesome brother offered to buy me one of em so I didn't have to choose! AWESOME!

Fancy Family Dinner

My mom picked up some ahi tuna steaks from Costco and I dressed and grill seared and sliced them to perfection and she made this delicious sauce to put over everything that had lemon juice and capers and parsley and stone ground mustard or something and it was really delicious and we had fun! My brother was wowed that the seaweed salad she bought from Costco tasted just as good as it does at his fave restaurants! I wish I still had a Costco membership now!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Someday my prince will come...

Found these today at my parents' house and I WILL find a way to watch them. I don't know how interesting my 2nd grade role of a FLOWER in mountain meadows elementary's production of Snow White is, but I do know that my Minnie Mouse in the 6th grade lip sync at Roy Gomm Elementary is KILLER and might need to go on YouTube somehow, even If I have to film the tv.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Single Topic Blog Alert: HUNGOVER OWLS

My friend Liz alerted me to this awesome blog, and well, it's cute animals and captions to make you laugh, so I threw this together real fast to show you guys. I should start doing that every time I find a single topic blog now.
oh yeah, and this cute video of this cute owl that looks like a real life FURBY:

A video of me shooting a paintball gun in a trash can

Today I went to visit ShootPaul to see how their warehouse is coming along and got to test out a gun shooting into a trash can... it was fun, watch the video [HERE] on their blog.

[LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK] TO KEEP UP WITH HOW IT DEVELOPS, IT'S GONNA BE RADDDDDD I PROMISE! I will also probably go in there to be shot at least a few times too.

Hotdogs and snocones with Chelsea

Hand in Hole

Waiting on my friend in a warehouse with a hand in a hole in the brick wall sounds creepier than it is, but it's what I'm doing while he gets his Internet hooked up

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pretty Boys Talking and Showing Skate Spots

I like how you can see all of them scoping out exactly what and where they'd try to bust some moves,and those kids in the background looking like they're sort of going, "what do they know that we don't?" It's pretty much why I am into this photo.

Pictures at the fireworks store

I love seeing what they name fireworks and the cheesy awesome busy packaging. Fireworks are so expensive!
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