Thursday, June 30, 2011

Booty Call iPhone Case

I think it might make a nice stress ball if you need to squeeze a squishy butt! It's on sale for $15! Get it as a gag gift!


Monday, June 27, 2011


I took the first picture on my way driving back to STL from KC when I was there in early May for Worful's art show (some pics of the show here and ones I'm in here from his postings on The Pretty Blog) at super rad skate shop Escapist, and I'm not sure if I took the women picture on my own accord or if I'd already seen the second photo on his Messengerbird website or not, but after taking the last two with my iPhone at a certain thrift store chain last week, I have a feeling I know where he could've snapped it! Either we think alike or I'm a big copycat, but either way I think it could matter less to both of us, which is part of why he's so cool.

Psst- Tell him I said that I want to make him blush and nervous giggle.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

If God didn't make homosexuals, there wouldn't be any broken glass?

Best misread of a slogan plus logo I've ever said out loud. I got some really good pics at pride fest before my camera died, can't wait to share.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My favorite baby book "Messy Goose"

Low and behold it's about a messy procrastinating silly goose, which pretty much explains A LOT about how I turned out. I was curious about it so I looked it up and found a video of Captain Kangaroo reading the story. It's very short, give it a listen. Here are some old pictures of this California 80s baby to give you an idea of when I demanded that messy goose read to me over and over and over and over. I guess I thought it was funny, or my parents and older sister were really animated while reading books to me? I wonder if my brother remembers this book at all.

Next Friday July 1st I'm in an art show

My friend Joe Sulier uses a typewriter to write poems and he gave a bunch of his friends that make art (including me) some poems to make something cool to put on display based on the poem he picked for us to make something cool to show. It should be a great night, there are some pretty cool people involved, so even if you're not the biggest fan of poetry or art there will be cool people around! I made the showcard for it, including the crazy map because it's kind of hard to get to, so come on out if you can!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very cool laundry vintage packaging at Target

If they did this in the big size tide and my grandma didn't give me a lifetime supply of bounce sheets, I'd totally get fact, I might be running low on fabric softener....however, I think they need to put a sticker on the front that says what it says on the back: today's technology in yesterday's package. I think that might be why it's got a CLEARANCE pricing sticker on it instead.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes improper punctuation is just more fun, right!?

"omg...HAVE YOU TRIED THESE!" Spotted at my local Schnuck's in the custom cakes department.

This kid totally reminds me of this picture of lip syncing in my parents' Reno kitchen with dramatic poses

Speaking of which, I've just transferred my sixth grade lip sync performance to "Hey Mickey" to a digital file and will be posting that very SOON. Thanks to Fran who first alerted me of this kid's vogue video as well as the very correct assumption that I too was like this little boy. Pic below: I'm on the left, Katie C on the right...I think this was the only thing I could rustle up that was both matching and plain enough for KC to brave. We made up LOTS of dances, commercials in mirrors, all sorts of shenanigans I wish I'd filmed. We also snuck out of houses for midnight walks, begged parents until they'd let us sleep over on school nights, held secret clubs in storage closets, lit stuff on fire in the garage, played spin the bottle with boys that refused to kiss me, and all sorts of other stuff.

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER '91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


SO. I captioned this old photo of my brother and my dad at a carnival in homage to conspiracy theorist viral video fame who made this crazy rant that got everyone thinking that there really was a time traveler talking on a cell phone at the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circus" in the 1920's and I'll link to the original video but I'm not posting it because it's 8 minutes long and the one below shows the footage, debunks it, and explains it all in under 30 seconds. I thought this would be funny to caption this picture because my dad is an engineer and always prides himself to be so up on gadgets and technology that he actually DID have a cell phone at the point this picture was taken--I think probably the kind that you have to either strap to the inside of your trunk or the side of the center console of your car with a curly tangly cord-- so I wouldn't be surprised if he figured out a way to use text messaging before it was popularized, even though he formats all his texts to me in letter format with gr8 txt abbrevs sprinkled in there with whole words too. Love you, Daddio.


People of Walmart Song

Thanks to my mom Linda for the link. Sometimes I think she could totally fill in for me on my blog if I asked her to if I was busy or sick, or at least when she finds gems like these haha. She says, "I guess I need to get out more!" Maybe she never listened to her brother my Unca Dan when he told her about that the song is based on!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park last week

Sauce Magazine put on the first of this summer's food truck Fridays that will be held in different locations (read their blog entry on it) throughout the summer and so Taylor and I walked her pup Ollie over to check it out and meet up with Anchovy (who scared the dog and then when he won her over he was putting his sunglasses on her) and some other friends and I snapped a few fun in the sun shots I thought were worth sharing. There were lots of babies and doggies. Oh, the food was good too, I'd go to another one of these things for sure. Hats off to my friend Bekah Wessles who works for Sauce and was snapping photos at the event and looking as cute as ever!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My stripey nail polish of the week

It's chipping at rapid speed so I'll have to figure out what I'm doing next very soon.

Rose and I showed up in matching red outfits by total accident we swear!

But we ladies in red are totally ready to ride our bikes tonight with the FBC for the full strawberry moon fiasco number 76! We rode our bikes to Saratoga Lanes with RØB the pancake master and mike herr the supatree sweetheart to bowl our three wednesday evening league games before we get going to go on another bike ride with 200 or so of our closest friends. I missed out on the flag day ride last night so I put my flag of sorts in my backpack but I'm scared to wear it because it's a sequined confederate flag vest I got at a thrift store as a gag costume gift I never ended up giving to an ex boyfriend before we broke it off. We'll see if I get brave and ironic enough to pretend to call the civil war the war of northern aggression or some bullshit. Maybe I'll save it for the yosemite sam costume I never ended up making for Aprilween.

PS- Remember when I tried to make a single topic blog about matching outfits and then kind of lost steam after one way too long post? Woops.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The FURminator works just like the ad says it will!

I was recently talking to some other kitty owners about summer shedding and how great the FURminator brush is and how it turns out a company here in STL makes them! Then we talked about how gross all this cat hair on everything is or that any time I go to snuggle or pick them up, whatever it is that I'm wearing gets COVERED in cat hair and I'm getting so sick of it, especially since I'm dating someone who is allergic to cats! I've really wanted to just borrow some clippers from someone and shave them both because it takes less time than grooming them regularly. It'd be less money than taking them to a groomer, but I guess the advantage to paying someone to do it is that they're used to dealing with surly animals who need restraining for haircuts.
I don't know who I can borrow clippers from to use on my cats, but I hope someone does! A while back my friend Anya sent me a link to some girl's cat blog that had an entry on crafting with cat hair and I was appalled, but I guess I can see how a felting enthusiast might come up with that idea after seeing how much hair comes off of them while using this cat brush!

I made soup even though it's summer

I love soup, what can I say? It's fun to make and it stretches out for so many meals that you only have to heat up! Then if you get sick of it before it's gone, you can put small portions of it in gladware or ziploc or other disposable-but-reusable tupperwares and freeze it for later or give some to your friends! I have LOTS of it (I put about 16 cups of water in my big dutch oven cast iron pot IN ADDITION TO all the ingredients...Sooo I have at least a gallon or two of soup) and I'd never used boneless cuts of chicken before, so I was a little worried about the flavor of the stock I was making, but I think it just turned out to be less fatty cuts of meat because there was a lot less oil on the top of the pot, and any tiny tastes and smells I took seem full of flavor! I am about to eat the first bowl to see how it turned out! Also I've been very jealous of people with gardens lately if anyone wants to give me veggies from their garden I am an excellent home cook and I like challenges of finding recipes or substitutions for special diets if I have to work around that, so If you have a garden and want to see me make something delish that we can both enjoy, I'm into it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gone zip and dip at the offsets!

My good friend Cassandra Simon is in town from LA and so I dropped my car off at the shop and my friends picked me up and we drove an hour south to Bonne Terre and Farmington area to the Offsets and we are gonna sit in inner tubes and have a picnic and jump off bluffs and under natural formed bridges and stuff today!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Insert LOLcat joke here

I could not decide between a bad grammar "reading iz 4 suckers" sentiment, or the "studying makes mwe sweepy" approach, but I can't resist it when chilly falls asleep on my bills/unopened mail/books, or when he is using any or all of that as a toy, or when he crosses his paws to make himself more comfortable, so the combination was just too cute for me not to snap a pic. Apologies to the Readers that think cat posts are boring.
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