Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Custom Bike Is Finally Finished!

I can't wait to see how it rides!!! Thanks to Joe W for building it and keeping it in his garage for months and months, and to TJ for ordering most of the parts!!! It's so beautiful, balanced, and so ME!!!

UPDATE: mom told me she saw this picture and told me to go buy a good U-Lock. That means she thinks it's pretty enough to get stolen. I agree.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cardinals vs Cubs

My friend Karen works at Busch Stadium so she got us $44 tickets for only $35! Cubs vs Cards with people i like that know the rules should be a fun game!

This is one of my favorite videos on all of YouTube

I can't even really explain why I get such a kick out of it. Maybe it's because I can see myself making the same thing, or maybe it's the paper bowls floating in the pool and the camera panning down a string of the same raisin in different positions tied together in an action sequence chain, or maybe it's just that I see those California Raisin Figurines every other time I go to an antique mall, and I'm impressed that someone collected so many of them and decided to make a video of them having some sort of Flinstones Meet The Jetsons type fanfic swingers party with Smurf figurines (let's pretend like that horrible movie is not coming to theaters) set to such a universally-understood-as-sexytime song, but I just know that I LOVE IT SO MUCH I MIGHT ACTUALLY CONSIDER MARRYING IT. As in, the upload date was September of 2007, and it still only has about 13,000 views and I have no idea where I initially found it, which means that I've loved it for years and I hope it makes sense to you. Here's to hoping that you will also love it even just a fraction of how much this makes me laugh, or if nothing else just solidifies your endearment to my love for it. I have no idea if I've ever shared it with you before, or why I haven't yet if I haven't, but here it is. Happy Friday, blog readers.

PS- I can't hear "I heard it through the grapevine" without thinking of the California Raisins, which I think might be unique to my generation.

Is it weird that I want to work out to this song?

Ever since Liz took me to the YMCA gym and I decided that I liked the disco station they were playing and Christine took me to the spinning on stationary bikes class I guess I 'get' why people say things like "oh I have a workout playlist" which I always thought was kind of strange before, but it really is just as much of a bummer as when you feel like leaving the dance floor because something you're not so into starts playing...but this sort of stuff might actually be good for working out...Ann was playing it on the MGMT Pandora station...

Coco and Mariah and a sweet mini Parrot in Vegas

Ok between these adorable pictures (taken by a guy called Gabe Ginsberg) and the hello kitty cake pops, I was even more jealous for not being with them than when Mariah was texting me "wish you were here with us for coco's bday party in Vegas" etc. I love their bows and they look like they had so much fun. Colette looks like a cupcake in that dress and I miss hearing her giggle. She is hilarious. Naughty comedic genius, even. Mariah said there's not really anyone better to take you to Vegas than Coco (who is essentially her sister in law) because those in the adult industry get hosted like royalty and everything is free because that kind of celebrity is really appreciated in the city of sin! I just want a chance to live out the kind of Vegas experience described in comedian Nick Swardson's joke about Losing $300 on high fives from a spider monkey in a sequined vest and sequins top hat in Vegas, except the losing $300 part. When you hear stuff like that, the "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" campaign really makes sense to everyone but your accountant/banker/bookkeeper, amiright?

I still haven't posted my pictures from when Mariah and I got super dolled up when Coco took Mariah and me and her parents and her brother (Mariah's longtime love Bobby) and a few other friends out to a bizarre black tie Beverly Hills VIP red carpet club party hosted by a crew of adult film industry girls running around in lingerie (there was a lingerie fashion show they were all in, so they shed their formalwear and kept it off like hot messes) drunk on bottle service champagne for new years' eve, but there really is no good way to bring that kind of thing up without knowing how to explain what your friend's sister does for a living to your mom and friends' moms that read my blog regularly, so you can imagine my hesitation! But now that I told my mom not to google coco if her safe search is turned off (or really at all!) and that we (namely Bobby and Mariah in this case, as a couple and friends that I love and value very much) can't control who our family members are, we just have to love them for who they choose to be, and to operate on a kind of "don't ask, don't tell because you don't wanna know and definitely don't google it, my dear tech savvy mother" kind of policy when it comes to trying to understand why my sweet hardworking friend who helped her clean out the garage would hang out with someone with XXX in their job title, or why I might be accepting of it, I think it might be fun to finally share my new years pictures with all of you 8 months later. It kind of reminded me of my mom keeping her cool when I was a kid in Reno and while grabbing the mail one day, we ran into our next door neighbor who told us about her grown kids, aged 18, 22, and 24, and that the 22 year old was a "dancer", to which my mom excitedly asked something like, "oh what style? Ballet?" and to her surprise the neighbor answered, "Exotic." and I sort of just remember both moms nodding and mine going "oh." while most likely thinking, "well I guess we really did move to Reno", didn't we?" All I can say is good thing she didn't say, "oh how exciting, we'd love to go see her perform, Heather loves watching dance recitals and performances!" because THAT might've gotten awkward.

So, without further delay, there's the party I wish I got to go to, and tomorrow I'll post the pictures of the party Mariah and I got so made up to go to that we apparently made some of Coco's "colleagues" (aka the scantily clad hot messes) at the party jealous and curious as to who the pink and blue haired amazons in pretty dresses were, and why did SHE get an entourage of mystery girls? If only I had copies of all the pictures that strangers asked to take with me--but I guess I could say the same about the outfit I wore when I roller-skated to this year's STL gay pride parade! More pictures I've put off on posting, but I promise I'll find the time soon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who are these people painted on this motorcycle?

Parked next to this in Pop's parking Lot before going to the Ted Nugent concert. More on that later.

Upside down backwards ponytail medicine ball lift by Liz at the Y

I thought this was pretty funny when Liz took me to the Y as a guest to exercise with her last week. I liked the ETM machine and back stretching machine with the instructions so much that I totally want to join the south city Y. You get to go to both the sublette and carondelet locations when you join! Carondelet has an OUTDOOR pool! Let's all get excited about EXUHCISE:

Dinner in a jungle storefront

What a cute dinner date Worful makes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm on a pho kick. I tried to make it one time and realized that it was worth the $6.50 - $8.00 (or like $9-$11 I end up actually spending after tax, tip, and appetizer splitting with my eating companion) because I over seasoned the soup, bought the wrong clear asian noodles, all sorts of bad news was a pho-king disaster. I still ate a lot of it before realizing it tasted kind of like garbage but whatever, we live and we learn not to get too excited to follow the recipe EXACTLY until you've made whatever it is enough times to stray here and there. Plus, buying star anise and cardamom in a regular grocery store is NOT as cheap as the asian market. BUT since I don't feel awesome enough to go eat out on my own, I take FOREVER to prepare and eat it, and I want pho ALL THE TIME... I might have to try again and learn how to make it in bulk at home so I can eat it whenever the pho I want. I just found this recipe online with really good pictures and it is making me so hungry I need to snack ASAP before I ruin my appetite before SLOUP (see previous post) because it's only in 2 hours and I'm going to slurp up some of that chef Clara Moore's chilled cucumber soup goodness. Maybe I'll distract myself with some laundry and dishes and salad.

most of these pics are from fuck yeah pho
Anthony Bourdain eating PHO in Vietnam:

I am not brave enough for this portion

I also want to try this crock pot one the same gal blogged but I can't remember if a crock pot was one of the items my grandma gave me when she moved from her house to FriendshipVillageGrandmaPartyZone I'mTooBusyToReturnGrandchildren'sPhoneCalls so if anyone has a crock pot they want to get rid of, think of me, dear friend and I will share things I make in it. As a parting gift, this would be a great time to post the Jessica Hische type illustration as love note to that red rooster sauce we all love, sriracha.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SLOUP #18 at the Contemporary Museum: My friends' apartment gallery Los Caminos has a proposal up

I don't know if you've ever heard of SLOUP but basically from my understanding of the events, everyone gets together somewhere and pays $10 to get into this soup dinner (the soup is always made and donated by a local restaurant, some of which might be out of your regular desired dining out price range to eat at) and then anyone who submits a proposal in time for a project they'd like funding for (usually a community or creative project) gets to have their proposal presented to all the SLOUP guests, and then all the attendees vote on who gets the pool of money in the end.

Seems to me to be a very fair system for raising money for a project that might not know how to obtain startup funding (or might be too small/new to have a fundraising/donation system in place), and to get a sense of what is going on in your community, and in turn directly contribute to the ones you think deserve a chance to flourish, without breaking the bank. I've always meant to go to one, but never made it out for some reason, despite knowing Maggie and Amelia, the girls that organize these events.

Tomorrow, Sunday July 24th at 2 pm, I'll be attending my first SLOUP at St Louis' Contemporary Art Museum, to listen to and vote for my friends Cole and Francesca's apartment gallery Los Caminos (btw they just got an amazing write-up/interview by Temporary Arts) to get funding they need to continue their awesome programming. Here's the facebook event info. The soup for tomorrow's event is donated by Local Harvest and will be Chilled Cucumber soup. If their cucumber soup is half as good as their borscht, it'll be worth it. Chef Clara Moore is super rad and makes delicious everything, so I'm excited. Hope to see you there! Don't be afraid to comment or contact me to ask what it's all about or how it went if you miss it, and if you end up going because you've read about it here, then be sure to say hello when you see me!

SLOUP on facebook
Los Caminos on facebook

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This pic I took of waffle a few weeks ago reminded me of this other pic Taylor took of me on her couch that I posted a few years ago...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Float trippin with some sk8 boys last Friday

Float trip number one down this summer, scheduled to go on my 2nd (and probably last of the summer) this Friday with the people I've gone floating with for the past 2 years on 4th of July. This year it didn't work out and we all made other plans for the 4th, so we are going a little late. I hope my waterproof camera is in working order by then (the battery is unpredictable when it'll hold a charge bc it's getting old) so I don't have to rely on whoever buys a waterproof disposable.

ANYWAYS. This past Friday I went floating in two canoes on the Meramec River with 4 skateboard boys: STL dudes Randy (who is in order for a great big congrats bc he just got named a PRO by The High Five) and Drew got us all together because Ari and Vlad were here visiting from AZ again (they visited earlier this summer too) and I watched them jump from trees, we encountered a bunch of cows getting a cool drink of water, and stopped into a cave, but didn't go too far in (because it was very dark and Randy broke his flashlight bulb before we set off), and generally had so much fun in the sun that I got home with the intention of "resting" for an hour to go on the FBC full moon fiasco, but totally fell asleep and woke up at 2 am with all my lights and TV on. Here's the account from the Pretty Skateboards blog, and are the pics I developed yesterday:

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