Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Retirement, Steve Jobs (2011), RIP Paul Rand (1993)

I seriously can't get enough of these videos of old man interviews with paul rand! There's this one I'm in the middle of watching (I dozed off for a minute from eating too much at my favorite food holiday, the Festival of Nations this weekend) this one that is in three parts from 1991 when I was a Kindergardener and I'm super into it because it's super cable access show style and the dude's questions get a little ridick.

Here's part two (which has a commercial break) and part three.

"Stop trying to be Original, Just try to be Good"

Mies Van Der Roe said the bit about trying to be good, Paul Rand (in the video below) had this to say regarding that quote: "That sounds naiive but it's true...what it really means is, being good is damned difficult. So it's very difficult to be original, so you have to have an idea, and you don't have an idea when you have nothing to work with. When you have an idea, it's self generating..."
If you aren't familiar, Paul Rand is famous for things like the IBM logo, UPS logo, all sorts of things you see every day even still. Check out a flickr Paul Rand modern design fan page started by grain edit for more.

History through humor: The Story of Mankind and The Sale of Manhattan

I've been really into the idea of making World History seem easy to learn about through entertainment, comedy, good design/filmmaking lately, and I want to find more good examples of it. Late late one night while I was in the midst of a great clean out of my apartment, waiting for my sheets to dry in the middle of the night so I could finally go to bed, I channel surfed my way to a star-speckled Irwin Allen film called The History of Mankind. I think this film sparked something inside me.

There is NOT much online about this film, (the full length isn't even on netflix, bummerrrr) but I think every history teacher at every level from middle school to grad school should show this film. Albeit, the papers the students produce in reaction/comparison/whatever paper lameness you have to prove your info retention on would be at different levels of sophistication, but I think it really sums up a lot of what you learn in general history classes, while keeping a sense of humor about it all. Situations like this that get kind of glossed over or downplayed in history books sometimes, and when you're a student like me (horrible: can't really read at lengths, impossible to sit down to do homework, but loves learning) you need all the motivation in the world to spark interest in reading between the lines to find clues that something is interesting and learning more about a subject, especially since textbook writing tends to get so dry of emotion or drama or humor, the things that keep us tuned into anything worth reading or watching.

Short spurts of humor are the modern way to relay these ideas. Kids (and many of us that were raised with TV and now that we've had a generation come to voting and drinking age that were raised on the Internet as well, it's worth including as a valid form of accessible, relatable media) are used to things like the length of an SNL skit or a YouTube video, and this movie breaks up really important points in history through the use of good and evil, and our American Judicial system.

Vincent Price (famous St Louisan alert!) plays the Devil, and advocates that "the judge and jury in the clouds" (or is it the Supreme Court? Either way, the "God" character--depicted in fog machine filled room--really has AMAZING white glasses that match his gavel, which I was unable to get a screenshot of) let man destroy himself after inventing the H-bomb, because after all, look how many times man has screwed up or been motivated by selfish tricks or malicious violence. The other guy defends the good of humanity, how many great innovations we've made, etc.

They tie it all together with hilarious or entertaining skits featuring The Marx Brothers, Dennis Hopper as Napoleon, Agnes Moorehead (of Bewitched reruns fame, to my generation) as Queen Elizabeth I, some lady comedian (that I had to look up) playing a hilarious pink haired flippant Marie Antoinette, and so many others that you could base a world history curriculum on just showing the short clips of this movie, and then elaborating on the situations as your daily lesson plan. By the end of the semester, you'd have watched the whole movie, and your students would be filled with information and they'd at least look forward to the part of class where they get to watch a movie. The best part is: They won't be able to look it up on the internet and spoiler alert your class unless they buy it on DVD. BRILLIANT!

BONUS if you've read this far: Here's a Fred Crippen directed, Saul Bass illustrated/designed version of the same shitty hand we dealt the American Indians, or whatever we are calling them these days:

Don't be under the illusion that anyone else cares

Saul Bass briefs us on designers' qualm with time vs money.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well I guess I'll be tuning into MTV VMAs this year...aka BASIC BITCHES WEAR THAT SHIT SO I DON'T EVEN BOTHER!

Kreayshawn (pronounced CRAY-shawn, not creation), who I have a major talent crush on, (video up above for reference, which she edits and directs herself) is hosting the MTV Red Carpet Report, so I'm TiVo'in it FO SHO now. I'm not sure at what point in the evening she'll be donning it, but our KC sweetheart Peggy Noland was posting a picture of a very mysterious portion of an outfit she made alluding to a (self started) rumored that said outfit is made for the Kreaylady at the VMAs! GAGA'S GoN B JEALOUS! PEGGY'S A GENIUS AT CREATIVE OUTFITS!

Even though I'm not in the habit of aimlessly tweeting at people with record deals and 13 million views on their breakout hit, I say rumor because I tweeted at Kreayshawn asking if she would tweet about her outfit to no reply, but hey, I tried! Maybe she's waiting for the day of hype to reveal all the tricks up her sleeves. I'm too excited not to blog about it, though. Below is the hint that Peggy posted on her facebook page. It appears to be some sort of swatch of fabric with sperms and words printed all over it, paired with an awesome bratastic punk patch style jacket she sewed on a bunch of thrift store patches that say funny shit...which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for Kreayshawn. I cannot wait to see it on screen and see a combination of what I imagine will be new stardom rapper young girl cocksureness, sweet awe starstruckness, and inappropriate overconfident questions posed to musicians in Kreay's Oakland swag jargon we haven't heard yet that should inspire some great reactions if nothing else. I'm just imagining this at this point, but boy am I excited about it.

Color lover nails I painted

Trippy Marbly fake nails I painted

Some fake nails I painted.


I wish.

Some calendar pictures I drew when I was a kid.

I know that the depiction of my brother on his birthday in March complete with table full of presents is pretty funny (his teeth really look like that, even after braces. Jk RyGuy) but you know I had some ambitious ice skating tricks by January's depiction! I like that I was just as obsessed with drawing a bazillion hearts and that Valentines Day (or February) stands for "family love" (my mom still sends me chocolates and my dad sends me flowers on Feb 14) and I don't really "get" what month the bugs and mushrooms are supposed to be, but I really dig whatever month it is we go to the desert and see cacti flowers and proclaim, "WOW! A SKULL! A CACTUS! WOW!" Sounds like me!

Beautiful stag sign in Florissant

When I was a little kid, my mom told me I could write a letter to my cousin Jessica in St Louis who is about 6 months older than me, and I distinctively remember addressing it to "Florescent, MO"...I don't think my mom corrected me because my Unca Mike would probably find it hilarious.

Funny anti speeding rhyme signs

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This reminded me of that: Onion article on how studies show humans would rather be animatronic bear...I'd be one if it were in this video!

Study: 96 Percent Of Humans Would Rather Be Animatronic Bear

...I wanna make love in this club, bear. GOD I LOVE THAT VIDEO.

Adopt a Polydactyl kitten!!!!

They have several Polydactyl, Hemingway, mitten, whatever you wanna call these guys with extra toes...but some people believe these cats are extra smart and make really good pets, so if you're in the market for a kitty, go to petsmart on Chippewa and Kingshighway!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spokey dokes

Picked up some pink and purple hearts for my bike today when I dropped off some crap at the goodwill. I might ride my bike to the bike in movie tonight at atomic cowboy. It's put on by New Belgium brewery (who the founder/our fearless leader of the FBC blogs for) and tonight they are showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure aka my first love of bike related movies. We are going to meet up at Christine and Lee's at 6 to get Mexican food at flavor corner la vallesana on Cherokee, get at me if you wanna join!

Tomorrow's Tulips videos

These are my friends in OC, CA Alex Knost and Christina Kee and the little tiny Kurt Cobain lookin' one in the above video is Jack F, whose whole family is super awesome and I love them. I get jealous every time my brother says he is going to Alex and Christina's house for a BBQ or to see Tomorrow's Tulips play. If there was an ocean here (I'm pretty sure that they both surf but Al does it professionally) it might be easier to get them to tour here. CK is a super cute drummer, especially when her hair is in her eyes. They kind of remind me of The Vaselines if they surfed and were more chilled out, they seem to fit to me with the likes of say, Vivian Girls and Best Coast as far as poppy post punk sleepytown but still energetic and somehow nodding at experimental music. Writing about music makes no sense, I'm sorry. Just Listen.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Taylor and I had a paddleboat date today in Forest Park

We took Ollie out on a paddleboat this afternoon at the boathouse in Forest Park-- which I've always wanted to do--and it was the best $17 I ever spent to rent for an hour! They charge you a few extra bucks per 15 minutes you go over, but between your legs getting worn out from paddling and being in the sun, an hour is plenty. There was plenty to look at though, we had such a good time I think I'm gonna make Worful take me soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've heard of manboobs but catboobs are just too funny! Especially since they're saggy! I don't think I've ever seen a chubby Rex before! It kind of makes me want to shave Brak even more now, besides the fact that he's too fat to groom himself.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Reminded Me Of That...Song Soundalikes

Almost every time I hear the beginning of Foreigner's "Urgent" (which I love by the way) I almost always hope that it's this one hit by The Passions, crooning that she's in love with a German film star...
see for yourself how similar the intros to the songs sound:

I can't decide which song I like better. See this other post I made about the same Foreigner song to see kind of a funny rudimentary but funny literal video interpretation of it a while back.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why I might want to spend more time with bears.

I don't know why but I love the idea of Bears so much I actually might be one for Halloween.

Taylor said this is how she woke up this morning.

Sometimes you can't tell the difference between your pets waiting for you to wake up to feed them, and them possibly plotting to kill you. If her animals weren't so sweet, i'd say this was one of those moments.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Last Wednesday of the Whitaker Jazz Festival free Wednesday night at the MO botanical Gardens

Cheers to Henry Shaw, Pam and Cole Todorovich, Liz and Taylor, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, and all the dancers up front! Here's Pokey, Ryan, Adam, and Joey on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series:
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