Monday, October 31, 2011

PizzA Minds Think Alike

This is not the first time that I've taken a picture and then found that it was similar to a picture Worful's taken.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm excited about Sunday night and I'm also preparing a video to project from one of three projectors during the party. Josh Levi and Jeremy Kannapell (aka Ghost Ice) are DJing and it's gonna be radddddd!

We haven't had a party since the craziness with Tom Huck's Evil New Year's Eve Party and that was so insane it ended in a hayfight that set of the particulate sensors that automatically send the Fire Department. We'd sworn off parties, but the dudes that put together this MAKE skateboards show really were into the idea that their thing would be going on during Halloween weekend, so we are hosting a FREE ALL AGES (it does start at 9 PM so it's more like an implied 18+) HALLOWEEN EVE party!

PS- If I don't see all the Pretty Skateboards boys in STL in attendance I'm gonna be PISSED!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


OKAY, so I KNOW I've made jokes before about my Dad time traveling (and to my knowledge no one else thought it was funny besides my mom who probably took the picture and my brother who is IN the picture), but I just can't help myself from cracking up over stuff like this! This picture of an unidentified soldier looks SHOCKINGLY like my dad when put side by side! I can't believe it! Compare evidence for yourself! I photoshopped his face onto the soldier's picture just to see what it'd look like... Dude's gotta be a Donahue! Better update your account, Mom!


Ok, so I didn't find this on the My Deguerrotype Boyfriend Blog, but it's a tintype photograph, so I might as well have...HANDSOME! Found this one at the eMuseum of the Int'l Center of Photography.

Civil War Era 3D photo!

I'm not sure if it was originally a stereograph and they layered them and colorized the different channels so they'd work as an anaglyph image with red and blue 3D glasses, but it's pretty cool either way. I found it on the Library of Congress archives here! Spoiler alert for Halloween: one of my costumes is an embellished fancier version of a Union Soldier, hence my photo research. I've found some rad images, but I have saved a lot of them without citing the source so I felt I needed to post this one first at least.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Me smashing cans with a sledgehammer in Tower Grove Park

You can't read my handwriting very well but it says "I smashed this one" (the pic was taken before I smashed it ON THE FIRST TRY) and "lee smashed this one" and we were sticking around a little after the chili cookoff benefit for the rebuilding of pete stein (he lost his feet in a train catching accident and is doing awesome but has major billz and a long road of recovery/rehabilitation) and anyone who sounds like you want to care about that story should go to off broadway this Thursday October 27th for "Stumped: a benefit show for the rebuilding of Pete Stein" which I'm donating at least one piece of artwork to for silent auction, and I'll be there after 9 because I have a prior obligation to fulfill before attending. The flier, illustrated by the lovely Lauren Busiere, is posted at the bottom of this post.

A Professional Display of 50 No Handed Bike Moves

"Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Taylor sent me this music video this morning and I hadn't seen it yet so I thought maybe you hadn't also.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is What It's Like When I'm Sick

Seconds earlier Chilton hissed at me, but my cheezits will never hiss at me. I ate some bad leftover fetuccini alfredo with shrimp yesterday and lost my lunch early this morning and felt like crapola all day. I was whining at everything and it hurt to move and I sounded like a sheep, but now I feel a little better and I'm just feeling bad for not feeling well enough to watch game 2 of the world series with friends.

Zombie Tattoo Boy represents DermaBlend Tattoo cover up makeup

My first introduction to Derma Blend makeup was as a kid in Reno while a friend's mom took us shopping at Macy's and the makeup counter girls told us that it's a very popular item with the showgirls in Reno because a lot of them have to cover up their tattoos to wear the revealing showgirl outfits but not have their tattoos distract from selling tickets to old fashioned types. Kat Von D of the TV show and tattoo shop LA Ink also made a tattoo concealing makeup, so it was definitely a smart move for DermaBlend to get a more contemporary face to represent them. The song sucks but these makeup artists are impressive! Here's the "go beyond the cover" campaign. Check out their handiwork:

Screw little kids, I'd get the new tokidoki barbie

Tokidoki made a pink haired barbie with tattoos. When I googled it, the first thing that came up was something from the xtian sci monitor that is all up in arms that barbie is bad for our lil baby girls. FUCK EM. Maybe tokidoki should stick to working with kidrobot since those toys are less comparable to humans. What parent wants to spend $50 on a foot tall doll that their kid is going to play with anyways? Jezebel had some good details about the barbie, but meanwhile they also posted something even more scandalous: that barbies throughout history bear a striking resemblance to the playboy bunnies of their time. Check out the chart, it kind of rules:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Worful drew this picture of me

We were hanging out one day and he was drawing all his skater friends as south park characters, and I said if he drew me he'd have to make my eyes squinty out of excitement, and a few days later he drew South Park versions of Taylor and I, and tonight he brought me this. What a sweetie.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out, Smarty McFly

So Chelsea's birthday was the other day, and I promised I'd have these really awesome Back to the Future 2 related post for her. She and a bunch of friends rode roller coasters in the dark on Saturday at Six Flags' Frightfest...I went last year but I skipped out this year. If you're considering checking out Frightfest but are scared of people jumping out to scare you, don't be... they're not allowed to touch you and so their version of scaring you is more like walking creepily close to your group of friends so that you're like, "who invited this guy and why are they dressed like colonial zombies?"

ANYWAYS: Happy birthday Chelsea aka the best roller derby hero ever SMARTY McFLY!
Here are some future shoes none of us can afford but we all really really want (so much so that I found a bunch of sites where people were petitioning for them to be made) but might settle for a pair of working LA Lights in ladies size ten and a bunch of pictures of my mom and dad and brother and I next to the Deloreon that was parked outside of Mrs Knotts' Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm that I've been meaning to post since MAY.

PS- Is it just me, or does this car make my family look like a bunch of GIANTS? Look how small it is compared to my mom and I posing like car show babes...I know we're 5' 10" but WHAAAA???? Would we fit inside this car? What do you think the car insurance is like for one of these babies?

Ry Ry my brother's reflection while he checks out the control panel

Dad checking it out (on the right)

Mom being forced to babely pose next to it.

TONIGHT: FREE at the Tivoli

Current White Flag exhibited artist Amy Granat made this movie with her friend Drew and they put some people I know in it a few years ago and some of them will be there at the theater tonight when we show the movie. TSOWY stands for The Sorrows of A Young Werther which is loosely based on the novel of the same name. From what I remember, the whole movie has two perspectives and is centered around a motorcycle and filmed mostly in the California deserts. It better be a type of motorcycle I'm into or else I'm going to lose interest real fast. Just kidding. I'll be there watching, the artists will be there introducing, and my good friend sweet Liz Ellis will be slingin popcorn, candy, beer, and wine on a night she doesn't usually work because she's awesome. If you didn't have plans tonight, now you've got options!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wistful Window Watching

It took him a few tries not to look directly into the camera, but here he reminds me a little of the Always Sunny promos that look like a lifetime movie advertisement.

UPDATE: I made this one that's even more awesome:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weird late night habits of a creative

Last night I had a few drinks with girlfriends and when I got home I laid in bed and turned on the tv and thought it was a good idea to take screen shots with my phone's camera (which I actually do a lot anyways, like the time I sent poor Anya a portion of a video of a slo mo shampoo commercial with the caption reading, "is this what it's like to date women?"...btw i should just upload that bc it's way funnier than the original*... or the many many email submissions I've sent to Cole Root's blog WIYFWFLTF or however you spell it) of the Forever Lazy infomercial, but since I was too lazy to get up and turn on the lights to make my camera focus, the resulting pictures are extra bizarre! CULTY, EVEN! SO MUCH RELAXING AND WINNING GOING ON! I might try this out more often! CAN YOU FEEL IT?

PS- after seeing how expensive the pajama gram would be (send the gift of RELAXATION!) to send to a friend, 2 forever lazy suits with socks for $30 sounds like a good winter birthday gift.

PPS- This whole post sounds like that George Saunders short story where the kids who grew up as essentially a permanent live in focus group for advertisers keep referring to their emotions by serial numbers of commercials that evoked those emotions in them initially...I'm doing a horrible job of explaining this, but if you like the movie IDIOCRACY or the literature of Ray Bradbury or George Orwell or Kurt Vonnegut (you know, shit that warns us about the future if we get too used to technology or advertising or whatevs) then READ THIS STORY NOW.

PPPS- I am all over the place today.

*really, the sentiments of the whole video I sent to Anya can be explained by two screen shots from that commercial, carrying about the same caption.

This is what I think it'd be like to be a you think it's accurate?:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweetie Pie's is getting a TV show on the OPRAH CHANNEL!

I haven't been to Sweetie Pie's in a few years, but I guess I didn't realize that they've only been in The Grove for 2 or 3 years longer than White Flag has! How do I work down the street from this restaurant and I hadn't seen cameras? Maybe because on the weekends it's mega crowded anyways? You can see ladies in church hats lined up around the corner to eat there after Sunday services. If you go there on a weekday it is a pretty manageable crowd though.

I had no idea that she was an Ikette! So exciting! I bet I have pictures of her from when I took so many still shots of the movie Rock City. Are any of these Ikettes her?

Couldn't resist posting all of those, because I like them. The thing I might question in her wording might be the "upscale neighborhood" thing...while it is a burgeoning area, I can't tell you how much scarier it used to be at night only 5 years ago, and I still hesitate to walk to my car at night without using the buddy system, and windows still get routinely busted out by neighborhood kids or who knows after dark when not enough police presence is around.  On a lighter note, I really wish that sweetie pies fried some other piece of the chicken besides the wing! I'm a thigh and drumstick girl!

I haven't eaten there in a few years because I always get something that is too big and have to take it home, or I end up wanting 2 things from the cafeteria lady style ordering line that end up being 2 entree items, and then I can't take it back when I find out because I'm being yelled at by old ladies behind the counter and then it ends up not being such a cheap meal! Having said that, their mac n cheese and sweet potatoes are the best and I wish I knew what went into them, and that goes for the cornbread and some cabbage looking dish with hammy-bacony flecks in it, too. Some things are so "soul foud" that they get a little scary, like how we have pigs feet and ox tails in the Schnucks, and how you can't tell what kind of delicious gravy is on the pork steak (a cut of meat unique to STL as far as I'm concerned) that they serve, but overall, Sweetie Pies DOES deserve a TV show, and I'm totally going to put it on my TiVo To Do list when it airs.

Bonus: Here's a clip from "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" where Sweetie Pie's is featured:

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