Saturday, November 26, 2011

Because you've always wanted to learn how to sk8

I can't express how much I love videos on youtube made by children. They sound so authoritative on whatever subject they're taking on, and also the way they handle criticism is either more bold or graceful than someone older and hardened by the world might be able to. I used to be baffled by the amount of technology related tutorials put out by kids, but then I remembered that they don't have jobs so they have lots of time, and they don't make any money so they gotta make due with what they got. A way more productive use of time that would otherwise be spent complaining about "being bored". Bravo!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My computer was making me sad, so Worful made me this

After I sent him a cell phone pic of my big fat woopsies. I installed this font organizing/diagnostic/archival software I bought a few years ago and never got around to installing, and after install, I got too excited and accidentally trusted it too easily without reading the readme file or setting the preferences, and the software found "duplicate" instances of font files that it asked me to move to the trash, and then I got (and ignored or hit the wrong button too quickly) a warning message from FontBook saying I was deleting system fonts that MacOSX needed to run, and it was so nerve-racking before I figured out how to fix it. Good thing I fixed it or else I might not be laughing at this.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SINGLE TOPIC BLOG ALERT: Hovering Art Directors!

In honor of the close of my 2nd week at my new design gig, I thought I'd post about this (only hilarious to designers or art/creative directors with a sense of humor about their job or another boss that hovers) chuckle inducing one note blog that seems pretty darn industry specific! It's especially funny that you can't really tell whether most of them are staged or if they've been caught in the act or what. I thought it'd be good to use a St Louis place as the example shot. Now go hover!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Worful is showing some of his photos in the storefront gallery of All Along Press, opening on Friday

In case you can't see the picture above, but would like to come see his photographs:
Friday, November 11th, 2011, 6pm (till about 10 probably)
2712 Cherokee Street
STL, MO 63118

Just My Type is so aptly titled because I already love it

I just started reading this book about type...and it's not just interesting to graphic designers. I found a review of the book that describes it better than I possibly could, and also npr did a piece on the book if listening is more your thing than reading, although if you like both the author also put the first chapter/the intro online to sample. If you're an ereader type person, there's even an app for that. DO IT.

PS- This evening marked my third day at bigwidesky, and before heading out, I was reviewing the document I worked on today (and yesterday) and upon his seeing it, I was given a recommendation for the free font Quicksand (which I have on my home computer btw, designed by Andrew Paglinawan, his first font) by a very lively, talkative, and friendly ten year old boy named Wolfie. He very astutely observed that it was a little like the font I was using (Gotham, mostly Book, some Medium and Bold; so he got the sans serif thing down) only "with more space between the letters." I knew what he was talking about, but before I could stop myself I blurted out, "we probably have a little different taste in fonts..." (foot in mouth...let your new font fanatic kid friend relate to you, HL!) which luckily he wasn't phased by, because he pretty much went along to explain exactly why I think it's a little bit of a pain to use for much of anything but headlines or titles...because you have to change the spacing (in most every free font) but as he pointed out "you can change it in the program"... what I want to know is... how did he figure out how to change the spacing if he only knows how to use MS Word? Last time I attempted to do that I got frustrated and went "this is why I word process in InDesign argh!" Maybe I will bring in the book and see if Wolfie has any interest in it, or if he'll get bored by the time Chip Kidd talks about how much he loves New Order album covers in the Preface.

Do I need these?

I might. Wouldn't it be creepy if they actually had open mouths like that? Max Wowch makes some other cool stuff too. His stuff reminds me of a collaged amalgamation of all the bad/awesome endangered animal/save the earth tee shirts we used to sell as a fundraiser for my elementary school's computer lab so we could learn to type with mario and play kid pix, which is probably the planted seeds of why I do what I do now. I found him because he co-authors some blogs with my fave blogger Katie Natopoulos. Too bad the black stuff would get SO MUCH CAT HAIR on it...guess I'll just have to buy more lint rollers.

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