Thursday, January 12, 2012

Content aware win?

So I had no idea that photoshop came out with this new "content aware" jazz until a coworker hipped me to it, and I guess it saves time if you know how to use it right or only try to use it in small areas, but I just tried it out on a photo where I was trying to cut out a huge knight nextt to me just for a test, and it totally just yielded some trippy results that I might be able to just use it for fun stuff right now, and try it out on real projects later on. Here's what happened: I was trying to see what would happen if I asked it to cut the whole knight out, and maybe this wasn't the best picture to try this out on... but it just like kaliedescoped me and my friend Jake's leopard print cat. Hm. Is it weird that I just want to use this feature to make trippy pictures?

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