Tuesday, January 31, 2012


UM SO, my dad has been sober for I think 30 or so years now... and you have to realize that my being 25 means that I have NEVE SEEN MY DAD DRINK, which I actually tend to thing is pretty cool and also that after years of AA meetings and then growing up to drink, my ideas about alcohol are generally confused to say the least. My mom rarely drinks (when she does happen to have a frozen daquiri on her bday or a glass of wine with one of her sisters she takes the express train to giggle city, believe me!) so when I saw this picture of my parents before they were married when they were dating and around my age I was blown away (most of their wedding photos that I've seen are real dorky, pretty much everyone except my older half sister Caryn look like they might be going to a meeting, and she was definitely under 10 years old at the time...though I do think this bouquet shot is pretty) At first like, "wow, is that my mom?" and then I was like, "HOLY CRAP THAT'S MY DAD with his shirt open (not surprising, typical Dad move) and he's DRINKING A BEER!! HOLY SHIT!"

I asked my mom how long they'd been dating at this point, and she had this to say:
That was the day I nearly drowned, thus the drowned rat look :). Dad saved my life and sealed the deal. I think it was pretty early on, maybe a few months since its summer and we had our first date on St Pats day.
I guess that explains why he's lettin' it all hang out like that! Maybe my mom's always thought he was cute with a belly? I'm just poking fun, I know how hot it gets during St Louis summer! Man, I hope my Unca Mike and Aunt Sue have more pictures of them from this era...this is like a holy grail of an era I thought was lost and pictureless! Also, I have at least a few friends that look kind of exactly like my dad in this pic, plaid shirt and skimpy mustache and everything. Pretty funny.


  1. Hah hah yes, yer Dad basically looks like a thicker version of Adam McDaniel in this picture.


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