Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This reminded me of That: Kid Sister Pic vs a photo I saw years ago in museum exhibit

It's uncanny how alike these two images are! I opened my email today and Refinery 29's newsletter (which is cool I guess but mostly annoying and overadvertises and sends too many emails and I wish I could stop getting the LA ones and get the Chicago ones which have a different style sense and style of writing that I think might annoy me less, especially when LA does things like post cold weather gear and it's some skimpy ass scarf or light jacket that I could only wear for maybe 2 months out of the year in the Midwest weather) had a feature slideshow on Kid Sister, who dons very minimal makeup and looks completely different than she did a few years ago in her awesome Pro Nails Video, but immediately the cover photo caught my eye as looking IDENTICAL to a photograph I saw in this exhibit called "Girls' Night Out" in 2004 at the Orange County Museum of Art and then again in 2006 when the same exhibition traveled to St Louis Contemporary Art Museum by Mexican photographer Daniela Rossell. Take a look and judge for yourself! The colors, the outfit, the standing on the edge of a pool with an amazing city view...EVERYTHING! PS- If you couldn't tell, Kid Sister is the Black American, and Daniella Rossell's photograph features the Blonde Mexican. Do you think the photographer that took the Kid Sister pic or the stylist who chose the dress had seen this photo before?

Work by Mexican Photographer Daniela Rossell, Untitled (Ricas y Famosas), 2001

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