Thursday, May 24, 2012

My 6th Grade Lip Sync

I digitized this home video last year on my birthday at (my bowling team captain) The Pancake Master's house, Pancake Productions, and my birthday this year is in 2 days, so I guess you can see how crappy we are at delivering files to one another. Just kidding, enjoy me dancing around awkwardly dressed in a knockoff minnie mouse costume and yelling at a mickey mouse stuffed animal, while my friends (who didn't really want me in their lip sync production in the first place until one of their mom's made us rent a minnie mouse costume) dance around awkwardly in cheerleader's outfits rented from another Washoe County School District high school over by my sister Caryn's house. I still kind of tear up out of the fondest kind of embarrassment when I watch this video.

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