Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's going to be so fun. Juiceboxxx hasn't been back to STL since he got so wild that he broke stuff during his performance at the Lemp (but I didn't see him perform til months later when I went to SXSW 2008 and hung with him at a show he played with my friends in Extreme Animals...I blogged about it a while ago...to this day I get this one Juiceboxxx song stuck in my head ALL THE TIME) and JEFF the brotherhood I haven't seen since they played at Open Lot (which hasn't hosted music shows in a few years at least) but I went to RISD precollege with one of those two brothers (Jamin, everyone thought he was cute) and both acts put on a wild awesome energetic feed off the crowd type show and if you had any brainz you would NOT miss this show. There is something seriously for everyone, if you're not into one of the bands, you'll be into another of the three. I PROMISE. It's $12 (for 21+, $15 for under 21) doors are at 8 and show starts at 9. Local lovebirds Sleepy Kitty are slated to open the show, I hope they made a poster for this one because I WILL be buying it if so. I'M SO EXCITED.

JEFF the brotherhood on Letterman:


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