Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OF COURSE someone in St Louis invented this...

St Louisans love to party. Being in a brewery town, they also love to drink. So of course when someone invents a device that eases your trouble and mess in making JELLO SHOTS, our local news featurette "Show Me St Louis" does a story on it.* Too funny not to post. How could I not be curious at a link that says "introducing the jellinator"? I've never made jello shots before, but man do I like it when someone brings them around, so I kinda wish they would give me a free one so I could blog about trying their recipes or it being a hit at parties or something. It looks like our local weekly rag's food and drink blog already got a test drive, but hey, a girl can dream.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that the idea of having a reason to make and take jello shots actually sounds good to me right now. Only because over labor day weekend, we (20+girls in a cabin in the woods of Lake Taneycomo near Branson, MO) had about a million of them at my friend Claire's bachelorette party weekend, including some gross mistake tequila ones, some frozen ones that were not quick to eat, and some half-melted ones we threw out, all of which should have turned us all off of them for a WHILE. I'll take this opportunity to post a very awkward-faced photo of me taking a "shot" out of a jello shot syringe, administered by the cocktail waitress at the dueling pianos bar we went to in Branson, MO. I promise that I didn't plan on making this face when I had my friend take the picture, it just happened, which I find way funnier. It was shocking how nonchalant the girl was about aiming a turkey baster/injector style device in complete strangers' mouths, it was like how I imagine force fed animals must feel at the vet's office...totally weird, but I'll let the picture speak for itself. I kind of look like a freaked out baby bird who is contemplating puking up her meal after getting grossed out by mama bird trying to feed me regurgitated food, and I'm like "waaaiiiittamminnute....so you're telling me that this is the only way I can get food until I can learn to fly? oookayyyy, I guesssss.....WAIT WAIT I WASN'T READY FOR THAT! UCK WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"

*I was trying to find this feature story on a day trip destination after liking their fb page (that I bought a living social coupon for a while back, but have yet to set aside a weekend to redeem) to see what it's like before planning to go on a double date there before it gets too cold, and I couldn't resist clicking on this story and sharing it with the internet.

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  1. they wear t-shirts on the news. huh


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