Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whale smile

The other day I heard on KZQZ 1430 AM's top of the hour news snippet that one the storms that hurricane Issac produced beached a couple of pilot whales who were being kept cool and hydrated by attendants and fed a steady diet of fish smoothies through a feeding tube until they could relocate them into the ocean, and the way they worded it sounded like they were just out having a spa day at the beach, even though it must've been traumatic (and pricey, for the humans involved at least) for all. I took a mental note to later look up what Pilot Whales looked like and it turns out they are kind of somewhere between a porpoise and a sperm whale and a little cartoon cutie, just look at this pic someone snapped of a Pilot whale looking like it is smiling! Too cute not to share, and it totally makes me want to draw a cartoon of the beached whales on a spa day, drinking smoothies from giant straws.
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  1. I love this whale! BTW I haven't been to your blog in a while, I like the updated look :)


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