Monday, October 15, 2012

OMFG The Google Doodle is so EFFING awesome right now

The Huffington Post has a great description of why Google decided to pay tribute to the 107th anniversary of when the Little Nemo comic strip first ran in print, and the interactive animated elements and apt title "Little Nemo in Google Land" are SO GOOD! If you can't try it out today, watch the video above and see how it went!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Found the cutest baby kitten tonight

I was cleaning my house this evening and didn't have plans to go out but my friend Sam stopped by after work to borrow some DVDs because he wanted to stay in while he's feeling under the weather, and then my friend Naomi stopped by to say hi because she was having dinner nearby and Jeremy (her newlywed hubby, hooray!) had to run off to attend to some family "make sure grandma's ok I'll meet you at home" kind of thing so eventually she had to also, but by this time I was a little antsy so I went to grab a drink with friends on S. Grand and hung out and watched a show for a bit and then my friend Cal had this cute baby kitty in his arms and was trying to figure out a place to keep it safe for the night or find it a good home so I swept in and insisted it stay with me for the night, make sure that either my friend Sam would like it (he's been talking about getting a cat lately and I know he'll take good care of whatever lucky cat gets into his attention!) or if I would have to bring it to our friend who is a humane society veterinarian and would know all the good local shelters to take it to or someone who would give him/her a forever home, but this kitten was just TOO sweet to leave out by a dumpster so I drove it back in my coat and gave it a little food that I put some water into and microwaved and cooled down with more water (you never know how hydrated or dehydrated it could be, but better to get it in while it's hungry!) and water and a little shoebox/disposable lasagna pan of litter and lock it in the bathroom for the night so my cats don't hiss at it all night, and so far my cats are in bed with me and all is well.

Poor thing, I gave it a quick bath because I was a little worried I brought fleas or something into my house (my cats will undoubtedly need a vet visit either way since they haven't seen another cat or dog in years) but it turned out ok after a few loud meows and some towel bed making on the bathroom floor; even though I'm losing sleep I'm kind of stoked that it didn't really hiss back at my cats (territory, alpha, natural, etc) and it is not meowing at the bathroom door or anything crazy, it was just glad to be fed and sheltered for the night, you can just tell bc it kept trying to run for any doors or potential for human occupancy and it just wanted to milk all its worth of cuteness just so it could have pity dinner.

It fell asleep in my lap so many times I almost felt like taking it to snuggle in bed with me, but then again, I didn't wanna be TOO MUCH of a sucker and kittens are so tiny sometimes they get lost/hidden in the tiny room that you integrate them into your home, and I really did not want to piss off my own cats enough to pee on anything because I just did a ton of laundry, and who needs that???

He has a HEART marking on his nose and little furry balls!!!!! If I didn't already have two cats and think that three cats is WAY TOO MANY CATS for one small household, this cat already maybe stole at least a small part of my heart so I really want it to have a good life now. Update soon, but I was way too excited not to share these totes adorbs pictures of it being sleepy and snuggling.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Like we needed any more help procrastinating...

It's been a while since I've posted anything cat related (mostly due to the overwhelming amount of cat related content on the internet since I've been posting on this blog–yes, even cat people get sick of looking at other people's cats after a while) but this one note microsite my friend Jeff posted about last week is worth a few clicks worth of go PROCATINATE

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